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Common Questions About IF-ISAs

Innovative Finance ISAs are investments that give consumers the opportunity to earn tax-free returns through a Peer to Peer lending...


Market Research

How Market Research Benefits the Manufacturing Industry

Market research is a huge investment in both time and money, but it comes with a high return on investment if done correctly. The main advantage of research is that it provides executives with valuable information that allows them to make better, more profitable decisions. It has become essential to all areas of business, from product development and launch until after the sale is made. What is it that makes market research so valuable? Inkwood Research has identified 7 key areas where market research is invaluable, so let’s take a look at those. Research allows businesses to identify opportunities earlier...

business connectivity

Tips for Marketing Businesses That Are on the Go

You’ve already gotten your brick-and-mortar locations up and running. You know how important it is to participate in cost-effective marketing for your business, but now you want to take your business on the go. From artists to authors, to dog walkers, to pet sitters, many businesses are constantly on the go, which means they are mobile the majority of the time.  What many brick-and-mortar business owners don’t realize is that marketing for businesses that are on the go tends to be a little bit different. If you’re taking your business out of the store and into the streets or into...


Equity Mortgage Qualification – How Much Equity Do You Need For a Reverse Mortgage?

Equity Mortgage Qualification – How Much Equity Do You Need For a Reverse Mortgage?

Retired people may find that their financial strength lies in their homes, not in their bank accounts. A reverse mortgage is a great way to borrow funds against your property’s equity. This method can help you add to your monthly income, spend on better quality living, or even invest further. However, there are certain qualifying parameters for you to be eligible for this process. Are you wondering how much equity you require for a reverse mortgage? Read on to find out all you need to know about equity mortgage qualifications. How much equity is needed for a reverse mortgage? The...


Car Finance Repayments

Women Spend More On Car Finance Repayments, Compared To Men, Analysis Finds

Over the last decade, the most popular route to purchasing a car has been to finance it, whether through, hire purchase, personal contract purchase, or lease purchase. In the UK, over 90% of new cars are bought with this type of product. The benefits of purchasing a car with finance include having agreed upon monthly payments which makes budgeting easier and allow customers to change cars every few years, keeping up with the ever-changing technology improvements, just like the newest smartphone. However, despite the numerous benefits financing your new car can bring there is one major drawback. Women are spending...


Five Tips for Financing Investment Property

Five Tips for Financing Investment Property

Interested in Investment Properties? Here are Five Things You Should Know In today’s financial climate, investing in the stock market can be an uncertain venture at best. For this reason, many investors are looking to the real estate market as a fairly reliable and steady source of passive income. To be certain, investment properties can have lucrative returns. However, most buyers simply don’t have the cash necessary on hand to purchase a rental property outright. All but the most established rental property investors will need to finance an investment property. Even if you’ve already undergone the process of securing a...

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