Want to get a fantastic bargain on tires for your vehicle?

When it comes to buying new tires, it can be very difficult to find the best deal in town. So, for your convenience, I have listed the best places to buy tires and also save money while doing so.

It is never a good ides shop for tires directly at the dealership or the store. The salespeople are well trained to find holes in your decision making. You don’t want to end up making another emotional purchase. Buying your tires online is not only a wise decision but also can turn out to be easy on your budget.

Here are the 6 best places to buy tires and save money.


A lot of people don’t even consider Amazon a place to shop for tires. They are too worried about not getting the warranty that other dealers have to provide. But there are plenty of benefits of buying a tire from Amazon. During the sales season, the prices hit an all-time low, and the warranty really is not that bad considering the discount you are getting.

2.Tire buyer

Next on this list is a decade-old online tire seller called Tirebuyer. They have been America’s top tire distributer since 1935. And, with more than 140 warehouses in the United States and Canada, you can expect the tires to be delivered to your house within two days. Furthermore, Tirebuyer has also won several prestigious awards in customer service by BizRate. The price of any tire is calculated based on its width, aspect ratio, and diameter.

3.Tire Barn

Want to buy tires at the lowest prices allowed by law?

TireBarn is a one-stop solution to any issue you face with your tires. It is headquartered in Rochester and is an independent auto service and tire provider. They have all the popular tire brands along with their own brand called “Monro”. TireBarn promises to offer your prices 5 percent lower than any competitor. And they have special offers like 50 % off, buy 3 get 1 free, and $50 off on any tire of your choice.


Is the high shipping cost preventing you from ordering new tires for your vehicle?

Tirerack offers free shipping on all orders over $50. Get tires delivered to your house in three easy steps. First, pick the right tires for your vehicle based on unbiased reviews and helpful shopping tools, enter your home address, and, Tirerack will simply deliver it to your home or your nearest installer.

5.Discount Tire

Want to buy from the best?

DiscountTire is one of the biggest tire dealers in the nation. Brands like Kumho, Hankook, and Uniroyal are some of the cheapest and cover almost all sizes. The made-in-China tires they have are also cheap but I wouldn’t recommend them as they wear out pretty quickly. Low prices, good service, and unbelievable warranties are what have made them the best tire dealer in the nation.


Costco offers free rotations, free flat repairs, balances for the life of the tire, hazard warranty, and nitrogen. Costco can be cheap and convenient if your desired tire is readily available. The only downside to Costco that I have found is that if your desired tire is not in stock you have to wait for a while until it comes into the warehouse stock so it can be delivered to your home or local installer.

The Bottom Line

Some of you might not prefer to do this but, you can also save a ton of money by buying used tires. Used tires will cost you somewhere around $50 each, including installation. So, if your vehicle is old or you don’t drive it very often, buying used tires could save you a lot of money.

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