Are you a college student or a single person living by yourself? Do you want to eat out every day without blowing your budget?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this post is for you. Not everyone is good at cooking. Even if you do know how to cook, few people have time to go grocery shopping just to then spend hours preparing food. So, here are five tips for how to eat out every day on a budget:

1) Google the Restaurant Name Before Heading Out

So a restaurant near your residence caught your eye and you want to try out the food they serve? When it comes to restaurants, it is best to avoid simply guessing the prices from the appearance. Instead, Google the name of the restaurant and go through comments or find a menu, checking for both the prices and portion sizes.

2) Eat at Subway

Subway is one of those rare fast food joints where you get healthy and fresh food. A subway sandwich can cost a bit more than the one you get on the street, but the ingredients are fresh. A subway sandwich in a city like New York will cost you anywhere from $6-$7.

3) Do Not Order Alcohol or Soft Drinks

Both alcohol and soft drinks are way overpriced in restaurants. Most restaurants like McDonald’s rely on soft drink sales to make up for the cheap food prices. Moreover, you will be far happier without adding alcohol or sugary soft drinks to your diet. Eating out can quite unhealthy as it is, so don’t make matters worse by adding alcohol or soft drinks.

4) Never Pay for Water

Having a few sips of tap water is perfectly fine and you do not need to spend more on bottled water. Some restaurants purposefully ask you to buy bottled water. Flag these restaurants and only go to the ones where water is free of charge.

5) Make the Best of Vouchers and Coupons

There is no shame in flashing a coupon to save a few bucks. Subscribe to a website or mobile app like Groupon where you can get up to 80 percent off at restaurants near you. You can also ask the restaurant owner for a discount if you visit there on a regular basis. A local restaurant would definitely agree to give you a 10-20 percent discount if you promise to visit periodically.

Can Eating out Be Healthy?

There is no one answer to this question. It all depends on your current health situation and on where you choose to eat out. Eating at fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Chick-fil-A may ou save you a few bucks but it could also cause your health to spiral downwards. So, make sure to make healthier choices and opt for more wholesome meals such as beans and rice or a nice salad.

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