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Melanie Lockert, the Owner of Dear Debt

Melanie Lockert is the personality behind the award-winning blog, Dear Debt, where she chronicled her journey out of $81,000 in student loan debt. Through her blog, she inspires readers to break up with debt by writing their very own breakup letter to debt. In 2015, Melanie (and her journey out of debt) was named one...


Interview With Paul Paquin- GFS-CEO

Introduction: Paul Paquin is the CEO and President of Golden Financial Services, a national debt relief agency. Paul has extensive experience in the debt relief industry and student loan relief vertical. Paul has been focussing on this area for more than 12 years now. Tell us something about yourself and GFS. I have a deep passion...


Interview With Joe Udo, the Chief Blogger of Retireby40

Joe Udo is the chief blogger at retireby40.org. Being one of the most renowned finance bloggers of the present era, through his prowess, he inspires readers to secure their future by acquiring a strong financial backup despite retiring at an early age. QUESTIONNAIRE 1) Tell us something about yourself and your hobbies. My name is...


Interview: Miranda Marquit, financial Expert for PlantingMoneySeeds

Miranda has widely been acclaimed for her financial knowledge and expertise. For all those who are finding it tough to cope with financial instability, Miranda has proven to be a ray of hope with her finance blog. She’s your perfect career guide. Tell us something about yourself and your beautiful blogging journey. >>> I started...


The interview is With Ben Reynolds, Founder of Sure Dividend

QUESTIONNAIRE This interview is with Ben Reynolds, founder of Sure Dividend. Sure Dividend uses The 8 Rules of Dividend Investing to systematically identify high-quality dividend growth stocks trading at fair or better prices. 1) Tell us something about yourself and your hobbies. Well, where to begin? I live in Houston, Texas. I’m happily married and...


Interview: Deacon Hayes of Well Kept Wallet

We’re truly thankful to Deacon for presenting such a nice blog! Well Kept Wallet throws much light on how an individual should manage his financial situation. It helps you to distinguish between debts of various kinds and find out ways to come out of your debt burden. You’ll soon learn how to avoid consumer debt...


Interview with Eric, Owner of Personalprofitability.com

We’ll remain indebted to Eric for helping us publish his interview! Millions of viewers will be benefited from his immensely valuable personal management expertise. We’re looking forward to sharing more of his experiences in the future. 1) Tell us something about yourself. I didn’t think I wanted to be a professional blogger when I grew...

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