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The Beginner’s Guide to Homeowner’s Insurance

The Beginner’s Guide to Homeowner’s Insurance

When you buy your first home, you might be surprised to hear about all of the extra costs that are associated with your large purchase. Not only will there be closing costs, but you will also have to purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy. In the majority of cases, homeowner’s insurance is not an optional extra;...

health care

Health Care Costs and How to Reduce Them

Cut Costs on Your Medicine There are several ways you can save money on medicines. You can take generic medications that are cheaper than branded ones, saving a significant percentage of the medication’s cost. A generic drug has the same active ingredients, but the prices are typically far lower than the original brand-name medicine. Ask...

car insurance

An Introduction to Liability Insurance

Are you afraid that you might run over a bystander or injure someone in a car accident? Ask any auto or homeowner and they will tell you how important it is to purchase additional coverage known as Liability Insurance and add it to your standard auto and home insurance policy. There is always a chance...

flood insurance

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Flood insurance

According to the National Weather Service, in the year 2019, 93 people have died in the United States due to flooding. Storms and hurricanes have become very common, in the southeastern portion of the US, making flood insurance imperative for your home. Especially those in Texas, Lousiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Missippi, as they have had...

travel insurance

The Best Credit Cards With Travel Insurance [2019]

Wondering which credit card provides the best travel insurance? Before getting into credit cards with travel insurance, I want to briefly explain why you need travel insurance. Travel insurance is a must when traveling abroad. You don’t know when your flight will get canceled or postponed, and you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money...

self employed

Do I need Self-Employed Insurance?

Are you self-employed? Are you wondering whether your home content insurance policy covers the losses you suffer in your home-based business? To answer your question: A home content insurance policy will not cover equipment that you use for your business. For instance, if you are a freelance photographer, the expensive cameras and pieces of equipment...

renters insurance

5 Reasons Why You Need Renters Insurance

Are you worried that a natural calamity like a hurricane or tornado could destroy the rental house you are staying in? This is certainly a valid cause for concern. But thankfully, should a natural calamity occur, your landlord’s property insurance will take care of any structural damages. There is a catch though. Who will pay...

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