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Want to get paid to test products from the comfort of your home?

Instead of being one of the millions of people filling out surveys for a few extra bucks, you could turn your free time into cash by testing products from the comfort of your own home. Don’t get me wrong, online surveys are a great option when times are tough and you need a bit of extra money to survive. But, people are applying from all over the world making the qualifications and the competition much tougher. So, consider taking some of your free time and testing physical products or performing pre-product-launch activities from home to earn some extra money instead.

Here are a few ways to get paid to test products at home.

1. BetaTesting

BetaTesting is a fast-growing beta tester community. You get paid to give feedback on new apps, websites, and products. They mainly test mobile apps and web applications. So, for someone with a tech-background, this can a great opportunity to make money the easy way.

All you have to do is test new apps, websites, or hardware and give feedback along with bug reports. You can get paid $10-$20 for each test you complete. To become eligible, you need to be above 18, be able to speak fluent English, and have a PC.

2. Vindale Research

If online surveys are your thing and product testing seems iffy to you, check out Vindale Research. Vindale Research is mainly known for paying a decent amount on Online Surveys but it also has plenty of other options for those who want easier ways to earn cash. Moreover, you get $5 every time you refer a friend to this website.

They won’t be sending you a physical product to test but you can help Vindale Research’s clients by providing them vital feedback via surveys, reading their emails and watching short commercials.

3. JJ Friends & Neighbors

Friends & Neighbors is a marketing program from the popular FMCG company johnson and johnson. The deal is simple. You test their products such as shampoos, moisturizers, etc and they will pay you for your honest opinion on those products. Registering for this program is completely free. Once you are a member, they will send you “study invitations” via email.

4. UserTesting

User testing

Fourth on my list of ways to get paid to test products at home is a technical product testing company known as UserTesting. They pay the highest rates in the industry. No one else comes close. Imagine getting $60 for testing a simple mobile application or a web application.

To get paid, you need to sign up for free, complete the assigned task and they will transfer the amount in your PayPal account. Get $10 just to watch a 20-minute video.

5. Pinecone Research

Finally, Pinecone Research is another product testing company that pays you to give your opinion about a product, concept, or idea. The moment you join the Pinecone Research team you become a Pinecone Research Panelist. Meaning, you get to work immediately.

To make better products, companies create survey forms that need to be filled by you. As a reward for your work, your points for each completed survey. Later, you can redeem the points for cash or prizes.

The bottom line

Unfortunately, you cannot earn a living by testing products from home. Sure, you earn a lot of money in a short period but you never know when these companies will stop sending you tasks. Like online surveys, product testing will also soon have thousands of applicants. But, at the moment, it’s all good and you can sign up for the above-mentioned with a 100 percent approval rate.

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