Write for Finance Wand

Write for Finance Wand

Hello buddies..! Today I am here to make you all familiar with few rules and regulation before you submit an article/link for consideration. My heartfelt thanks to all of you for your showing interest in making post for Finance Wand…Please go through the following guidelines carefully before putting your hard work in writing the same. If a post meets below-mentioned criteria, it will surely get thumbs up for getting published.

Writing Standard Should Be High Enough: The first and foremost criterion for publication is that the post will have to be well equipped and precise keeping the essence of my blog’s and readers’ interest in mind. Content must not contain any irrelevance or exaggeration. In other words, each and every post must be unique and extraordinary. No filler should be there that has been reiterated thousand times on other sites or in other articles. For article posting, I need professional bloggers who know the key elements of writing a commendable post.

  • Quality Content Required: You must have been aware by now that anyhow the article should be well written. Poor quality of writing is the main reason because of which most of the times the submissions get declined.
  • Go Through The Existing Contents Before Writing: Before planning to write anything for this site, please have a look over the prior contents in order to have a crystal clear idea about both me and my readers’ taste. Don’t post any article connecting to any payday loan site, debt consolidation site or any commercial site is prohibited.
  • Prior Permission Not Required: There is no need to send any email regarding any topic’s approval to submit an article. Feel free to go ahead and write the article, and submit it for approval.
  • Post Length: Your post should at least contain 600 words, though maintaining the word limit is not as necessary as maintaining writing-quality and topic.
  • Originality is a must and Plagiarism isn’t allowed: The article must be 100% original and should not be published anywhere else. It must be exclusive to Finance Wand and should belong to it only.
  • Blunt Self-Promotion is not acceptable: I am very much aware of the readers’ aim to promote their sites or blogs through the submitted articles. I’m absolutely generous with the idea.  But in order to do that, you have to maintain the decorum that has been mentioned over here. In addition, obtrusive self-promotion is not permitted.
  • Use Licensed Image: You can use Flickr Image or other images but you need to mention the source.
  • Rules for Backlink: A maximum of 1-2 backlinks to author’s site as well other backlinks to authority sites are surely acceptable. If a backlink is situated within the article’s body, you have to ensure that it is relevant to the content and the landing page referred through the link has to be a high quality one that can add value to my blog.
  • Editing: I prefer to publish articles  that require no editing. I may occasionally make small edits, but I try not to edit in most of the cases.
  • Byline Needed: Please don’t forget to put a brief author’s bio at the end of your article. You can add backlinks over there as well.
  • Direction for Submission: To submit an article, please shoot me an email along with your article as an attachment. The article should be in word document format. You can, however, include it in the body of the email as an alternative. If you want to tag photos or image files for the article, please attach them as well.
  • Where to Submit: Kindly go to the “Contact us” page. Make sure to write “Quality Post Requirement and it’s purpose” in the subject category so that in case it gets into the spam folder, I would be able to rescue it.

Get, Set and Go. Once again I would like to welcome all of you to the world of Finance Wand. I will be very happy to read your submissions and publish them.

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  • Hello

    Hope you are well…
    I have written a guest blog about avoiding exchange charges when traveling abroad I titled “The hidden truth behind travel money – the complete guide for penny pinchers”.
    Is this something you may find interesting?
    Looking forward to hearing from you


  • Hi The Finance Wand Team,

    My name is Gea Elika and I own elikarealestate.com based in New York City. I write frequently on real estate and have been posted on sites like NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, The Real Deal, Mann Report, and several other sources. For a list of my published articles visit here: http://www.elikarealestate.com/press

    I have recently researched and created a strong infographic on “The 2013 Debate on Buying or Renting a Home”

    I have seen great user interest thus far in this topic and we believe it is pertinent to your real estate readers considering whether or not home buying right now in 2013 is a financially wise move. Please let me know if you would be interested in a custom article I would write for your site and embedding this infographic with the article? Please don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything I can do for you in return.

    Best Regards,
    Gea Elika

  • Hello guys,

    Finance is a different subjects and needfully for life…How to start business or progress without investment of money.
    waiting for answer

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