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5 Qualities the Best People in Digital Marketing Tend to Have

5 Qualities the Best People in Digital Marketing Tend to Have


Marketing guru Seth Godin put it right by stating “Marketing is the generous act of helping others become who they seek to become. It involves creating honest stories — stories that resonate and spread“. 

In a world where people are willing to lie and cheat to earn a few bucks, as a digital marketer, you could make a huge difference by helping the ones who seek the right direction. This post is for you if you wish to pursue a career in digital marketing and want to know what it takes to be a successful digital marketing professional. 

Here are the 5 qualities the best people in Digital Marketing tend to have

1) Excellent communication skills

Digital marketers with excellent communication skills usually get hired by tech giants like Google, Adobe, Microsoft, and Sapient. As a digital marketer, your primary task is to promote your client’s products or services online. To do this successfully, you must be good at making talking head videos, chatting with potential customers in social media, and convincing your audience to take action.

2) Willingness to take initiative

The ability to take initiative is key in the world digital marketing. Most often, the person who acts first wins the race. There is a certain risk associated with taking initiative but it is a cost, successful digital marketers are ready to bear. Furthermore, leading is more of a habit. It is not something you need to force yourself to do. 

3) Can adapt to changes in technology

Successful people are always ready for the next big thing in their field. They are not afraid to let go of the old strategies or methodologies that once made them rich. Technology is evolving every week. To stay ahead of the game, make sure you are reading books that lets you in on everything that’s happening in the world of digital marketing.

4) Life-long learner

Just like the best people in digital marketing can adapt to changing technology, they are also married to the idea of lifetime learning. They never stop asking questions. Particularly, the ones who work in fields like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

5) Be good at working with other people


Although a lot of digital marketers prefer to work solo as freelancers they still need to work together with their clients, customers, and other freelancers. Generally, a digital marketeer works with content writers, web developers, mobile app developers, sales executives and a lot of other people. Not being able to trust and understand others can be a major detriment in the career of a digital marketer. 


There will always be people that are going to struggle with making it in the digital marketing industry. With rising competition in this field, it is key to incorporate innovative and new ideas into your work. Digital marketers who are willing to change and adapt will be the ones to grow in the next few years.

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