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Is Bitcoin Still a Good Investment in 2020?

Back in 2017, the price of Bitcoin topped $19,000, and thousands of early supporters became millionaires basically overnight.  Since then, Bitcoin has never managed to bounce back. This caused many people to start thinking that cryptocurrencies are nothing more than a dying trend. Is that the truth? As of this writing, Bitcoin is worth approximately...

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First-time Homebuyer Tips for Success

If you’re dreaming of buying your first home, you’re no doubt reading as much information as you can about loans, the area(s) you want to buy in, budgets, and more. Becoming a home buyer for the first time is exciting but it can also be very scary and requires you to make a big commitment...

mutual fund

Are Mutual Fund Reported numbers net of Fees?

Are mutual funds reported numbers net of fees? Well this answer really depends on your “operating expenses”. In order to clear this ambiguity, let us assume a cinematic metaphor. The cost related to a mutual fund is similar to the cost associated with visiting a movie theatre. For instance, assuming the price of a ticket...


What Homework do you Need to do Before Doing any Investments?

Investing your money is a very wise thing to do but it is even wiser to do some research first. Doing your homework with diligence will result in many long-term benefits and a higher turnaround on your investments. So, here are a few steps to follow to make sure you are making the best investment...


International Investment: A Look at the US Property Investment Market

We have heard a lot recently about the relative fall in the UK property market, but how is property fairing elsewhere? Looking into the US property market, there are mixed results. Amongst some high-profile bankruptcies paired with global economic tension, the US saw economic growth combined with a record-breaking holiday season. This was bolstered by...


4 Steps to Making Better Business Investments

Business owners are constantly striving to save money. And while it’s certainly beneficial to look for ways to eliminate unnecessary expenses, fewer entrepreneurs budget time to ensure their investments actually pay off. Indeed, every purchase a company makes should carry an expectation of return on investment (ROI). Yet business owners often struggle to make effective...


Day Trading Basics: Choosing a Market and Deciding When to Trade

A day trader is someone who purchases and sells assets or financial instruments within the same 24-hour trading period. Some people even buy and sell multiple assets throughout the day to help them build as much potential wealth as possible. The whole purpose of day trading is to make fast decisions about stocks so that...


Students and Investment goals – Are There any Apps to Help?

Image source Pixabay You can’t deny the fact that the world is a harsh place and there are numerous people who would possibly sell you magic cat dung and nail clippings if they could get away with it. Sadly enough, the financial industry is full of opportunists who are more interested in duping you into...


The Investment Account You Might Be Missing: HSA

No matter your investment strategy, the opportunity to invest 100% tax-free and avoid taxes on any investment growth, is unique. While the HSA (health savings account) was designed for healthcare costs, their tax structure mimics a 401(k) or IRA. You can use this IRS structure to your advantage. Before we get started, you can check...

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