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Does Your Credit Score Affect You in Dating?

Image via pixabay How many of you would ever attach your credit score to your online dating profile? Probably not many of you. But, your credit score might play an even bigger role in shaping romantic relationships than you think. When you talk about your credit score, it is less about the actual amount of...


Questions That Money-Savvy People Ask Before Taking Out Credit

Debt can be tricky, even those who are usually smart and thoughtful can fall prey to borrowing too much, becoming over-committed, and ruining their credit score. Whether it’s due to unfortunate circumstances or simply not thinking things through properly, debt can sneak up on you and once it’s got you in its grip it can...


5 Easy Tips to Get Out of Credit Card Debt Fast

There are a few good things that you may have wished to do in life, but you can’t achieve these wants due to your debt. When you’re paying a certain portion of your income towards meeting interests, it actually affects your peace of mind. Few good methods that all debtors must follow: Use the snowball...


Credit Card Debt – What Card Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Image source: pixabay Recent reports suggest that American consumers have recently hit a scary milestone. According to the Federal Reserve, Americans have the highest outstanding debt, mostly in the form of credit card debt than ever before. In June 2017, Americans owed $1.022 trillion in revolving debt and this figure even beats the record set...


The Credit Crunch: Simple Solutions To Your Credit Woes

Credit can be so useful. Especially in an emergency, but it can also be such a hard thing to manage and keep in check. Not keeping it in check though, can result in some crunch situations that are going to cause you serious problems in life. So to help you deal with these, read on...


Family Money Woes Of The 21st Century

Pixabay You would have thought that now we are well and truly in the 21st Century, life would be a whole lot easier, right? After all, there have been so many tech advances that make our lives easier and bring us closer to each other, most everyday problems are now not as big as what...


7 Common Credit Rating Myths Debunked

Having a good credit score is one of the most valuable things you can have. It can help you to secure financial assistance and save you thousands of pounds on the cost of credit in the process. On the other hand, if you have a bad credit rating, it can really limit your ability to...


Simple Ways To Build Up Your Credit

Bad credit can indeed be harmful to your finances. After all, if suppliers see on your record that you have bad credit, it’s unlikely you will be able to apply for loans. And it can harm your chances of getting a mortgage in the future. But there is also another credit that isn’t so good,...


Escaping The Trap Of Bad Credit

We hear a lot of talk about credit scores these days. Having a bad one can cause you some real problems, and it isn’t that difficult for your score to go down. It might not necessarily be your fault if your credit score is low. Perhaps you ended up in some financial trouble and struggled...

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