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Alleviate your energy costs even when the mercury is climbing high

As we know that our most dreaded season is arriving and the mercury has already started climbing high as we bid goodbye to winter. Since the clichés are always out with the coming of summer, there’s a sharp rise in the water and electricity bills. People are generally all drowning in some kind of debt, whether credit card debt or personal loan debt, home loan debt, auto loan debt, or student loan debt. Amidst the financial crunch that they’re already going through, it is tough for them to manage payments if their utility bills go up. Hence, if you’re feeling obsessed about maintaining low electricity and water bills without having to switch off your AC and give up your sprinkler, here are few tips that you need to know.

#1: Check the thermostat of the water heater

Get your water heater and keep the thermostat to 120 degrees, which is a statewide initiative that has been developed to boost electric energy efficiency and conservation. As the water heaters are manufactured, they have the default setting of 140 degrees Fahrenheit but it has been stated by the Department of Energy that 120 degrees is sufficient for all kinds of water heating requirements which you need throughout the year.

#2: Locate leaks and fix them immediately

Another good idea to check out is to repair leaking faucets, pipes, toilets, and also a leaking roof. Apart from eyeballing your sink, one of the best and surefire ways of watching out for leaks is to check your water meter both before and after a 2-hour period when there’s no water being used in your home. If you find the meter changing, you would know that there’s a leak somewhere. Start finding out and repair your leaks.

#3: Use something smaller than the oven to cook

Do you have a stove at home? If answered yes, you must have bought it for some specific reason. You should be aware of the fact that every time you use an electric skillet, toaster oven, slow cooker, or microwave, you will definitely consume less energy, and this will in turn help you save on utility bills.

#4: Turn off ceiling fans when you’re not at home

This is applicable only when you’re not at home. Don’t think that ceiling fans cool your home as what they do is circulate air to make the rooms feel cooler. So, whenever you’re at home, switch on your fans but when you’re not inside, make sure the blades are not spinning as this unnecessarily adds to the electricity bill.

#5: Check the temperature of your freezer and refrigerator

Remember that the ideal temperature of the refrigerator is 37 and 40 degrees and the ideal freezer should read 5 degrees. If there’s anything colder than that, know that you’re wasting money. Keep it at the right temperature to make it function properly.

When the entire world is contributing their bit to save the environment and adopt the ‘green’ approach, why would you be left behind to reduce your carbon imprint on society?

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