Does your credit score affect your amorous pursuits?

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How many would ever attack their credit score to their online profiles that they create for dating? Not many but little do they know that their credit score might play an even bigger role in shaping romantic relations. When you talk of a credit score, you actually don’t just ascertain the amount of money the person has because it is more a way to know about a specific person’s attitude towards money and the responsibility he shares in this era of debt.

Previously, when people got married during their early 20s, they never spoke about their finances with each other. But times have changed now and when you meet someone who is in their early 20s and you invite them to a party, they arrive with almost a closet of financial stuff and this proves that money has always been important in the field of dating.

However, there are few studies which show how the mentality of people has changed about their finances. As per a recent survey done by, it was seen that 2 among 5 adults are of the opinion that a person’s credit score would have an impact on the interest of a person who is dating the person. In fact, this figure includes 48% of the college graduates and 50% of the people with an annual income of $75,000 or even more than that.

As per a research by Federal Reserve, people with the best credit scores are most likely going to be engaged in committed relations and the more is the discrepancy between the credit scores of the couple, the more likely it will be for the relationship to end. This kind of result arrives because the initial scores show a constant credit usage which thereby leads to financial distress. So, as we see, people are giving more stress on credit scores before they are going on for a love relationship. There is greater importance on finances and scores.

According to a credit analyst of Bankrate, Mike Cetera, the results of the survey were definitely interesting but if more and more people get serious about knowing their credit scores and understanding them, people will gradually know how important it can be to take good care of your credit score in order to stay successful.

However, whenever you have a low credit score, there are many ways in which you can improve your score so that you are not seen as a risky lender when you approach a lending institution for a loan or an insurance policy. You might have been struggling with your medical bills and that could have spoilt your credit score. Whichever reason it may be, you should avoid hurting your romantic relation with your spouse.

Nevertheless, a better way in which you could determine the financial compatibility is by discussing on investing, saving, giving and sharing. As people are of the opinion that talking about your personal finances and your balance sheets are important, you should definitely give it a try to keep your love relationship going good.

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