5 personal finance tips for the self employed

In the past job security was taken for granted, but as many businesses, large and small, feel the pinch on their finances, working for some-one else is no longer the safe haven that it used to be. Looking for a new job is also a very disheartening task, with few new positions being created and […]

Gold and Silver – Wearing your investments on your sleeve

From hoards of Roman coins to the glittering weddings of modern India, gold and silver have proved to be the oldest and the most popular of investments.  Throughout history both precious metals have been a ‘safe-haven’ investment, in some cases one that you can wear.  Gold and silver are both finite resources and there is […]

Acquiring Assets: Your Ticket To Financial Independence

I was playing Cashflow 101 the other day with my friends when I realized a very important truth: passive income is what truly matters. Passive income equals freedom. For those who are not familiar with Cashflow 101, it’s an educational board game created by best selling author and financial advisor Robert Kiyosaki. It’s a great […]

Setting Short Term Goals for Long Term Savings

Setting Short Term Goals for Long Term Savings

Saving money for the long term can be one of the hardest things to sustain and accomplish over a prolonged period of time. With all the various emergencies, repairs and replacements that can pop up throughout the year it can often be a near impossible task to keep your finances in check. Whether you’re saving […]

How Much is Your City Costing You?

Most people choose to stay put right where they grew up or at least someplace close by. Your family is there, so are most of your friends, and all the places you like to go and things you’re used to seeing. It’s comfortable. So comfortable that very rarely does someone stop and wonder whether or […]

Social Networking, Meet Billable Hours

Social Networking, Meet Billable Hours

If you’re a lawyer and you’re playing it by the book – like we all know that you are – then there are long, seemingly interminable stretches of your life lived in six-minute increments. The ticks of the clock are both a thorn in your side and a nugget of gold in your (or your […]

Effective Investors Understand Their Personal Style of Investing

Effective Investors Understand Their Personal Style of Investing

“Be true to thy self” is a phrase often heard in most all aspects of Life, and the application of this age-old wisdom is even appropriate in the field of investing.  Investing in any of our various markets requires discipline, knowledge, and experience, but the one key area that many investors unwittingly ignore is that […]

The Day that Turns Your Life Around

Life is full of wants and desires, wishes and dreams.  While we all may have good intentions when we dream about making a change in our lives or achieving a lifelong goal, for most, it is likely not going to come to pass.  That is, until something happens in our lives that spurs us to […]

True eBay VS What You will Read

I once owned a website called eBaymysteries.com. I owned this website before I ever even knew what the word SEO meant and I spent a lot of time teaching people the ins and outs of selling items and making money on eBay through my writing. Unfortunately- the website never made me any money (part of […]

Crime Trends and the Economy in 2010

When the economy isn’t at its highest levels, more people are out of work, financial hardships are increasing, and more spare time is readily available, one would assume that crime rates would increase, and vice versa; when the economy is flourishing, crime would go down. While it would make sense to link a time of […]

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