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Tips to Earn More Than What You are Right Now

Financial crunches may appear all of a sudden. Certain unforeseen circumstances may land you in a financial crisis, you might need to pay off a utility bill, buy a gift for a loved one or pay off your debt all of a sudden. You may choose to pull out of debt and feel comfortable financially...


How to Become Filthy Rich

Saving money is about a number of things other than just negotiating at the top of your voice. While you may not be someone who belongs to the category “filthy rich”, your attitude towards money could well be your key to getting there. Personal finance has a lot to do with your personality and money...


Five Personal Finance Habits That Everyone Should Follow

To begin, let’s figure out what a financial habit really means. To put it simply, it’s your attitude towards your own money and how you spend it. Every day we decide whether to spend or save. Not everything we splurge our money on is really necessary. If after a purchase you ask yourself why you...


5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Financial Stability

Image from Pixabay It’s quite natural for all of us to pass through situations in life where it gets tough to maintain financial stability. Whether you’re underpaid and overqualified or just experiencing one of the many curveballs life throws at us, you probably are seeking some sort of financial stability. Here are a few simple...


Are You on a Credit Diet?

Image via https://pixabay.com/en/sick-card-purse-health-insurance-491713/ Since it’s almost February end, it’s that time of the year when the majority of us are striving hard to meet our New Year resolutions which range from curbing intake of carbs and calories, losing weight, restraining intake of alcohol, eliminating all sorts of toxic relations, and emerging into being a better person...


Coping When Your Earnings Take A Sudden Tumble

The idea that your earnings can take a sudden tumble can be a stressful one, but it’s something that can happen to almost anybody. It can be especially alarming if you don’t already have a firm hold over your finances and have been living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe you’re actually on maternity leave and your...


Tackling The Expensive Parts Of Life

Picture Source It costs money to live. In fact, anything and everything can be bought with money. Food, water, shelter, transport – we pay for these necessities and many others. Money really does make the world go round. Of course, no matter how good your job may be, your earnings can quickly wash away if...

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