US Fed Rate – A Persisting Dilemma

Financial pundits have been forecasting US Fed rate hike for quite sometime now. However, many internal and external factors have resisted the Federal Reserve from hiking it from the persisting 0.250 per cent. Though the market expected the fed rate to increase in September 2015, it didn’t because the central bank was worried about derailment […]

How to Redesign a Movie Auditorium on a Budget

Redesigning a movie auditorium is a really exciting project, and one that could potentially be used to make a profit. Whether you’ve purchased a movie auditorium for personal use or have dreams of setting up your own independent cinema that will be open to the public, making sure that your auditorium is comfortable and set […]

6 Tips for Creating a Better Household Budget

Building a budget is one of the best ways that a person can get the most from every dollar that they have and save more money for the future. Using a budget may sound like a basic task to some, but many people still do not use a budget regularly or even know how to […]

Student Advice – Budgeting & Money Saving

The first few days at college or university are pretty exciting, you get registered, find your home for the next year, bid your parents farewell and you are finally on your own and ready to start a big adventure. For most students though, this will be the first time they have lived on their own […]

The Cost Of Living The Celeb Life

Everyone has their own vice, but when you’re a celebrity, they are usually more expensive…and everyone seems to have an opinion about it! Some people, while judging celebrities’ expensive lifestyles think it’s an absurd and pure ostentation, but until what point is it really? Put yourself in their places and reflect, ; if you were […]

5 Financial Expenses To Get Rid Of Today

It is difficult for everyday people to stick to a strict budget with rising and inconsistent interest rates, increase in consumer product prices and many general temptations available in the market. These fluctuations encourage people to take out excess loans and increase credit card limits to simply be able to live comfortably in society. There […]

How to Holiday on a Budget

With economic uncertainty still affecting most businesses and families we are all having to still cut corners in our monthly budgets and bring down our outgoings throughout the year. More and more of us are being asked to take a salary reduction and worse still, people are being laid off from their jobs. Simultaneously people […]

Holiday Budgeting: How to Avoid Last Minute Surprises

Holiday Budgeting: How to Avoid Last Minute Surprises

It’s easy to spend more on holiday than you intended to. We jet off with the best intentions of sticking to a strict daily budget, only to spend a fortune before leaving the airport, returning home to a devastated bank balance. Some might say that it’s all part of the holiday experience and it’s true […]

Seven Simple Ways to Cut Household Costs

Seven Simple Ways to Cut Household Costs

Household bills continue to be a major drain on family finances. While people cannot avoid them completely, there are things that can be done to cut expenses and make them more manageable. Clean up your finances Cleaning products can make an expensive dent on your supermarket bills. The various sprays, scrubs and wipes that you […]

10 Extreme Ways to Improve Your Savings Accounts This Summer

10 Extreme Ways to Improve Your Savings Accounts This Summer

Sometimes regular budgeting just isn’t enough. If you need extra money, then some extreme lifestyle changes can be made to find some extra money within your income. If you’re looking to enjoy yourself this summer, you might want some extra money in your savings account. Here are ten extreme ways you could save money to […]

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