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Tips to Help Cut Motoring Costs

Tips to Help Cut Motoring Costs

The costs of running a car can be a hefty annual expense. Petrol costs, insurance premiums, MOT prices, and the general wear and tear mean that drivers can despair, but still have no choice but to keep their car running. You may feel powerless to do anything about the amount of money you spend, but actually, there are some ways you can help reduce costs:

Amend Your Driving Habits

You may have heard this before: how you drive your car can save you money.  Don’t over-rev your car as this burns fuel. If you accelerate too quickly you could be burning up unnecessary fuel too. Also, try to avoid driving at full throttle and then braking suddenly. This is not only dangerous but also has detrimental effects on the engine and contributes to excessive fuel consumption.

Regular Motor Maintenance

Do you dread that time of year when the MOT is due again, knowing that you will be stung with a gigantic bill? If you have neglected your car all winter then this will come as no surprise to you. But you can save yourself some pennies by making sure you do the regular maintenance checks such as the oil, water levels, and tire pressure. All of these things will help keep your driving up to a good standard, making your safety paramount.

Some people even like to buy their own car parts online to save on paying more through extra charges added on by the garage. It is always important to check with your garage beforehand, as they may only want to work with the parts that they supply.

Team Up to Take Costs Down

Carpooling can be very cost-effective. Why not send an email around the office and see if anyone in your local area fancies joining a car-sharing scheme? This could cut petrol costs, build new friendships, stake the stress out of driving every day, and don’t forget about the benefits to the environment.

Make Sure You Have the Right Insurance

If you are a young driver you may be worried about news reports about crashes occurring in the first two years after you take to the road. This could be a contributing reason as to why insurance policies are so high for new, young drivers. It used to be that gender played a part in this, with young men’s premiums being considerably steeper in price, however, legislation was recently introduced which stipulated that there should be no gender discrimination. To get the best deal look for companies like AXA, which offer a range of options for young drivers.

Get More Qualifications

There may be a way to reduce your insurance policy and also gain some more experience on the road by carrying out the Pass Plus training, which is an advanced scheme that covers further practical scenarios such as driving on motorways, at night, and in various weather conditions. This can only be carried out following your standard driving test.

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