The Best Voucher Sites for Buying on a Budget!

Budgeting is undoubtedly, inarguably, absolutely certainly, as difficult as trying to squash a giraffe into a paper bag. Attempting to slim down those expensive, extravagant purchases in favour of getting the value priced tinned beans, and restricting your own bank account for fear of an unrelenting lack of self-control is certainly difficult. You however may not know that there are in fact a number of ways to still buy all those luxury items, at affordable prices, keeping inside that carefully outlined budget and fending off the repo man a little bit longer; which is always nice!

The key to this apparent, mysterious cash copulating realm where everything is affordable and Stephen Fry reads you to sleep every night? Vouchers of course. There are all sorts of ways to save with the numerous voucher websites and money saving schemes perpetuated by supermarkets, and here is a rundown of the places to go when your accounts are in dire straits, but you just can’t keep yourself from spending!

We’ll start with the obvious ones then, Groupon, one of the longest running, and most popular voucher websites around, operates on a deal-of-the-day hinge, whereby once you’re all signed up, you can view and purchase some astonishing deals available for one day only. Whilst it can be tempting to spend all your money on abnormally cheap things you don’t need, as is the case with all similar voucher sites, if you’re looking for something particular, it’s worth waiting to see if it appears discounted here.

Groupon specialise in discounts local to you, and so inputting your location will bring up the deal most relevant to you and your area. Good eh?!

Next we move on to one of the most extensive and connected voucher collation websites on the internet; VoucherCloud not only contains pages and pages of brilliant discount deals, updated every day, but also has compatible mobile applications and a Facebook page, offering up online codes, printable vouchers and SMS coupons.

With five food categories, there are also pages dedicated to fashion, automotive, electronics, finance and more, so if you’ve got your eye on something, have a flick through the VC pages and see if you can’t find it.

Whilst VoucherCodes has an arguably smaller database than VCloud, there’s always something useful floating about on the main page, from £10 off groceries to two for one restaurant offers. Whilst many similar sites provide actual vouchers only, VoucherCodes offer links to sales and promotions you may otherwise have missed. Before buying, make sure you give the website a skim for offers that could help chisel away at that price!


Another silver-lined ‘cloud’, or voucher-lined, anyway, Deal Cloud provide discounts based on your location, similar to Groupon, though opposite to the single deal-of-the-day structure, DealCloud has a huge range of codes and offers.

Specialising in restaurants, spas and experience days, if you’re planning a day out and want to keep the price down, plan with a voucher from DealCloud and you’ll have a unique, interesting and affordable time. They’re certainly not limited to those categories though, providing cheap deals on everything from tents to bracelets, from personalized canvas prints to a man who’ll come to your house, draw you a picture and probably outstay his welcome!

Money Supermarket

Naturally, ‘EPIC’ isn’t quite the word, but once the voiceover element is removed, MSM are certainly worth signing up to, as whilst the adverts tout cheap deals on car insurance, that’s certainly not all they provide offers for. Their Deals and Offers page, a handy newsletter from which is mailed out to all advocates on a weekly basis, details some fine, money-saving excursions and trinkets that you may be in need of.

Whilst the range is fairly concentrated, if you’re thinking about trying to squeeze the cash for a weekend away together, don’t book anything without checking out the Money Supermarket deals and offers site, or sign up to their newsletter!

With all these brilliant websites, there’s a solution to saving the pennies whilst still buying the things you love, or getting out of the house at the weekend. Look out for sales and offers and keep your Nectar card or Tesco’s Points Card with you at all times, rack up the points and save! Good luck!

This post was written by Rob Vicars on behalf of Aspire Money. When you’re really stuck, and need a boost of cash to get you back on track, the loans for poor credit available could be the answer to all your problems!

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