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Interview with Eric, Owner of Personalprofitability.com

We’ll remain indebted to Eric for helping us publish his interview! Millions of viewers will be benefited from his immensely valuable personal management expertise. We’re looking forward to sharing more of his experiences in the future.

1) Tell us something about yourself.

I didn’t think I wanted to be a professional blogger when I grew up because that didn’t exist when I was a kid! I have both an undergraduate degree and MBA in finance and spent the first decade of my career as a bank manager and corporate finance guy before moving to full-time online work.

When not blogging and building websites, I enjoy flying small planes, DJing an occasional nightclub, and spending time with my wonderful wife and daughter

2) When did you first become financially erudite?

Erudite, what a great SAT word! I first learned about personal finance management from my family. My Grandpa Joe was a college marketing professor and taught me about tracking my income and expenses and how the stock market works. From there, I took some intro business classes in high school. That’s when I decided business school was in my future and went on to earn my bachelor’s and MBA in finance.

3) What certainly are your top three advices in personal finance that you think everyone should be aware of?

My biggest advice is all about being aware of your money and using it as a tool to live your life and not an excuse for your problems. Whatever happened is in the past, take charge and move forward for a successful financial future!   1) Track and understand your finances. Free tools like Mint and Personal Capital make it really easy, and free!   2) Earn more. You can budget all day, but it won’t make you wealthy unless you are earning enough to support it. Check out my list of side hustles for ideas to earn your first dollar on the side.   3) Focus on big wins. Saving on recurring expenses and big savings on things like cars and travel save a lot more than nickel and dime savings on toothpaste. For example, travel hacking has saved me thousands on airfare and hotels.

4) What allured you to turn into a personal finance blogger?

I had just left a job working as a bank manager, and I was reading a few other personal finance blogs at the time. I figured, if they can do it, I certainly can with my education and background. I wanted to help demystify personal finance and banking, and it grew from there!

5) Is there any specific strategy that helped you become successful while getting started with Personal Profitability?

I started the blog as a project on the side and grew it slowly over time until I was able to leave my full-time job. My blog opened up many doors, but my biggest income doesn’t come from my own website, it comes from freelancing elsewhere.

If you are growing a blog and looking to make it a part of a new full-time career, always be open to new ideas and opportunities. You never know where they will lead.

6) Apart from yours, what are your other favourite blogs on personal finance?

I am a huge fan of blogs on entrepreneurship like Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income. I’m also a big fan of ProBlogger by Darren Rowse. Those are a little more focused on my needs than personal finance though.   For personal finance specific advice, I’m a big fan of The College Investor and Mr. Money Mustache.

7) From economic standpoint, what is your number one tip for saving money as well as budgeting?

Focus on the big wins! I cut the cable in January 2011 and have since saved over $4,200 on TV. Look for those recurring expenses and bigger costs like cars and rent before worrying about saving pennies. But don’t ignore the pennies. Every chance to save is more money in your pocket.

8) Any advice for newbie finance bloggers in particular?

Go to FinCon to learn from the best! I was just at FinCon last week in San Diego. Without it, I would not be anywhere near where I am today. I would still be working in a gray cubicle instead of at home near the beach!

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