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How to Start Making Money from Photography

How to Start Making Money from Photography

Are you looking for an innovative way to boost your finances?  Almost everybody considers themselves an amateur photographer these days.  With the advent of portable cameras and smart phones, you can throw your equipment into your bag and you’re all ready to go.  Therefore, becoming a photographer could be an easy way to make some money.

However, there’s a big difference between taking a few pictures and being a professional.  If you’re ready to take the next step and turn your photography hobby into a profession, here are a few tips.

The Right Camera

Your camera is your main weapon as a photographer.  They’re expensive if you want something of a professional grade, and finding the right one can be a real struggle.  If you don’t know where to begin, there’s a simple way to half your options: ask yourself whether you want a point-and-shoot camera or an SLR.

Point-and-shoot cameras are generally cheaper than SLRs, and most professional photographers use SLRs.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write off the point-and-shoot option immediately, however.As professional photographer Rich Wagner observes:“The truth is, you can take great pictures with lousy cameras and lousy photos with great cameras.  Your decision rides mostly, then, on what you plan to do with the camera and where you plan to sell the pictures it produces.”

Point-and-Shoot vs. SLR

6432356397_bce94589afSo what are the benefits of point-to-shoot?  The main one is that it’s cheap and easy to use.  There are no external lenses to worry about and fewer settings, so you can take your pictures and sell them with very little hassle.  SLR cameras, in contrast, are feature-rich and require external lenses, making your image quality significantly sharper and clearer.  The choice is really up to you.

Your Market

Before you start buying your equipment, you need to ensure the type of photographs you want to take will have a large enough market to sustain your new profession, perhaps enough to make you a little bit of extra money.

Be smart with your decision – you probably won’t want to be a fashion photographer if you live and work in a small village in the countryside.  Also bear in mind that some markets are more profitable and easier to get a foot into than others, so wedding or business event photography could be a good place to try out your skills before doing something more bespoke and niche.

Are There Hidden Costs?

The simple answer is yes.  The main hidden cost is specific photographer insurance.  Your tools of the trade and your portfolio are extremely valuable, so taking out photography insurance with a provider like Towergate Insurance is essential if you want to protect your investment.

Remember, your main aim with your photography venture is to make money, so a damaged lens could throw a huge spanner in the works if you’re not covered by the right insurance.

Ultimately, if you want to make some extra money, becoming a photographer is a unique and creative way to go about doing it.  If you know your market, have the right equipment and protect yourself against damages, you’ll be off to a good start.  It’s also useful if you’re skilled with a camera, too.

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