Apps to take control of your finances – Let your smartphone handle your money

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It can often be tricky enough to keep track of your personal finances, especially when you have multiple accounts to manage or any kind of credit card or store card. Money keeps coming in and flowing out and there is a saying which says that the more you earn, the more you tend to spend. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re always in the red or whether you don’t really know what being in the red means. It is always better to know what exactly you’re spending and how you can exercise control over your income and expenses. Here are few smartphone apps which can help you stay on top of your finances.


Mint is an app which comes from Intuit and it functions like OnTrees which allows pulling your multiple accounts into a single place by linking everything on to the app. You can track your spending, create a frugal budget, set up bill reminders and also get tips on how you can reduce fees and save yourself few extra pounds. This app categorises banking and other credit card transactions and you also get a Trends feature which allows you to track cash, credit cards, income, spending and net worth over time.


Wally gives you the permission to balance your expenses and income by knowing where exactly your money is going. It gives you the ability to set budgets and financial goals and also get receipts and export data which you enter in an Excel document. In case you location option is on, Wally will identify automatically and categorise where you are and hence you only need to enter the amount which you spent. There will also be smart notifications which will remind you of all the vital things like some upcoming loan payment or some goal which you achieved.


You Need a Budget is also abbreviated as YNAB is nothing but a companion app for YNAB for Desktop. You are allowed to enter transactions on the go, check your category balance before buying something so that you get to know what you are about to buy. You can view previous transactions on all your accounts for iOS devices and YNAB will cloud sync through all the compatible devices. For making the best out of this app, you can install the desktop version as that is the one which works best.


GoodBudget was initially called the Easy Envelope Budget Aid and this is based on the envelope budgeting method which includes virtual envelopes. Through this app, you can check your envelope balances and also your bank balances and there is also expense tracking that is available. You can sync everything through multiple devices including smartphones and iPhones and also the web. The app also delivers reports to modify the budget and see your income against your expenses.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the best ways in which you can stay on top of your personal finances, you can consider installing the above mentioned budget apps in your smartphone. Download them free from your Android Market.