Most homeowners plan their renovations for the summer months because the weather conditions are more suitable. Which, considering the inconvenience that comes with remodeling, makes a ton of sense. The work can be messy, loud, and dirty, and summer weather at least makes it is easier to escape outdoors. But, there are actually a few advantages to wintertime renovations!

Bonus 1: Cheaper deals

While remodeling in the winter months may require more planning to avoid disruption, you could get a great deal on the work. With fewer homeowners wanting to remodel in the winter, contractors are not as busy, which means you may be more likely to get a better price.

Bonus 2: Outdoor projects aren’t out of the question

You might not be considering an exterior project because of the colder weather in the winter months, but don’t let the lower temperatures stop you. Contractors are used to working in the cold, so it’s worth asking about outdoor projects, such as a deck and room additions. 

Window and door replacements can have the added effect of improving your home’s efficiency, saving you money on heating and cooling bills. They’re also among the best projects for homeowners to see a great return on investment.

Bonus 3: Get more expensive interior projects out of the way

Consider doing your biggest internal home improvement projects in the winter, since you’re more likely to get a discount and contractors will often be less distracted by other clients.

Jerryll Noorden, a real estate investor and owner of WeBuyHousesInConnecticut, says that he received price breaks of 25 percent to 30 percent in the winter.

Make sure you have a financing plan

If you do opt to do a large project this winter, you’ll also need a plan to pay for the work. If you don’t have the cash to pay for the project outright, you’ll need to consider a range of financing possibilities.

One smart option may be using a home equity line of credit to pay for it. Home equity loan solutions typically carry lower rates than personal loans or credit cards, and you may even be able to deduct the interest. So it’s something to consider. The most important thing is to have a plan that makes sense for you and offers you the best deal. Sometimes it might make more sense to use a traditional home equity loan instead, depending on interest rates, so keep that in mind when doing your planning!

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