Why Cryptocurrencies Are Ideal for You As A Trader

Why Cryptocurrencies Are Ideal for You As A Trader

While there were market corrections in the cryptocurrency market, everyone agrees that the best is yet to come. There was plenty of activities on the market which have evolved the tide for the better. With proper examination and the right dosage of optimism, anyone who’s committed to the crypto market can make thousands from it. Cryptocurrency market is here now to remain for the future. Here in this short article, we offer you the key positive factors that can spur further technology and market value in cryptocurrencies.

1. Invention in scaling

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency on the market. It gets the maximum amount of users and the best value. It dominates the complete value string of the cryptocurrency system. However, it isn’t without issues. Its major bottleneck is the fact that it is designed for only six to seven orders per seconds. Seemingly, there is an opportunity for improvement in the scaling of deals. By using peer to peer transfer networks together with the blockchain technology, you’ll be able to boost the exchange level per second.

2. Legitimate ICOs

While there are crypto coins with steady value on the market, newer cash is being created that can serve a particular purpose. Coins like IOTA are designed to help the IoTs market exchanging electric power currencies. Some cash address the problem of cybersecurity giving encrypted digital vaults for stocking the money.

New ICOs are discovering effective alternatives that disrupt the prevailing market and generate a new value in the ventures. Also, they are gathering authority on the market with their user-friendly exchanges and reliable backend functions. They can be innovating both on the technology part regarding consumption of specialized hardware for mining and financial market aspect giving more independence and options to traders in the exchange.

3. Clearness on regulation

In today’s scenario, most government authorities are learning the impact of cryptocurrencies on contemporary society and exactly how its benefits can be accrued to the city at large. We are able to expect that there could be reasonable conclusions according to the consequence of the studies.

Few governments already are taking the road of legalizing and regulating crypto marketplaces just like every other market. It may prevent ignorant retail traders from losing profits and protect them from injury.

4. Upsurge in application

There is enormous enthusiasm for the use of blockchain technology in nearly every industry. Some startups are discovering effective alternatives such as digital wallets, debit credit cards for cryptocurrencies, etc. this will raise the number of stores who are prepared to transact in cryptocurrencies which boost the range of users.

The trustworthiness of crypto investments as a business deal medium will be strengthened as more folks trust in this technique. Even though some startups may well not survive, they’ll positively donate to the entire health of the marketplace creating competition and creativity.

As the surprises and bottlenecks around cryptocurrencies reduce, you will see more uptake from traditional buyers. It will likely lead to numerous dynamism and liquidity essential for just about any growing financial market segments. Cryptocurrency can be the defacto money for transactions all around the globe.

Secrets to Successful Forex Trading

Secrets to Successful Forex Trading

forex trading

Forex trading has come home to roost. Almost everyone is getting involved in the Forex market either on a fulltime basis or part time. If you have been giving Forex trading some thought, it is possible that you have come across some information as you scoured online sites for hints and clues.

This article aims to give you the basics you need to navigate the world of Forex trading successfully.

You will need a trading journal

Even if you use the services of a broker, you need to have your own records. Your broker may have real time records, which is great and useful, but their records may not capture everything. Successful Forex traders discovered this secret and have taken to having their own records. With a manual, you will be able to follow up on your progress wherever you are and whenever you want to and call your broker to make comparisons and have a discussion.

You can easily keep track of your margin usage, profits and losses and buying power. It is even possible that you may notice a pattern that works for you or change one that has not made you any money. If you search for any Forex trading experts such as copy trading Australia on the internet, you will be furnished will a lot of information on Forex markets and how to navigate them.

Keeping a trading journal is time-consuming but when you are in the business of making money, you will stick with it. This is because you can check your trading history which is helpful in that you are able to view your successes as well as your failures. In addition, you are able to keep tabs on your brokers.

Examine your strategy

Without a trading plan, you are not likely to make much headway in Forex trading. Your strategy must not only look great on paper, it must in practice. It is easy to make a plan in theory and have it look like it will bring forth the desired results. However, you can only know for sure when it is put into action. Also, and very important, test your strategy.

Do not jump into the foray of trading without knowing for sure if your strategy will work or not. You do not want to put your capital at risk. Therefore, despite being told by others that you might be wasting your time, test it. There are various scenarios and data that you can run it through to see how it will do.

Distinguish between fads and Trends

Keeping yourself updated on financial news is important for a Forex trader. While that may not do much to make you a successful trader, it may inform you on issues like what is trending and what might be a fad. A good trader must be able to distinguish between the two.

Successful traders are able to break down the macroeconomics of inflation and establish interest rates and earnings.

Pay attention to the newswires

This is the one way you will get information on what markets you should be considering trading in. Many traders prefer to concentrate more on technical analysis instead of paying attention to business news. This is where you get to know what really goes on in the markets. Ignoring financial and economic news from around the world could be catastrophic for your money-making dreams.


Do not get into Forex trading just to dabble. You will not be successful that way. You must make a serious commitment to trading by learning all you can about the Forex market, taking a keen interest in financial news and creating a schedule. You must stand by your schedule. If you do not take Forex trading with the seriousness it deserves, you will lose your capital.

Commitment and determination are key to making your foray into Forex trading successful. Should you suffer losses, as you will sometimes, do not give up. Resilience will hold you in good stead.

Amazing tips to Become a Fulltime Trader

Amazing tips to Become a Fulltime Trader


There is a difference between setting a short-term goal and trading to develop a career that will sustain in the future. Most investors are impatient and want to make instant profit. People invest money, place the trade and do not bother about the strategy. Smart traders will go to the professional signal to know the forecast and end up paying money to get the signal. These signals do not help in the long run because the forecasts are not always right. It has been found that the professionals also make the mistakes but when the people are trusting them with the investment, a small mistake can cost a fortune.

Forex is the largest investment sector of the world but it does not inspire the investors to trade for the long-run. If there is a long waiting period, the profit can be much bigger and more consistent. It is not realized and the people make the mistakes by developing a small goal that does not sustain in the future. If you are wondering how to develop a plan for a long time and prolong the career, this is the right place where many suggestions can be found. The seasoned investors have spent the lives and only learned a few things. If the life stories and the lessons of these wise people can be learnt, it will be easier for a trader to change their goals.

Successful traders in the Forex market

Those who are successful in the Forex market know the importance of proper trading knowledge. You might be new to the trading profession but this doesn’t mean you will always lose money. Many people in Singapore have changed their life within a short period of time just by following the basic rules of investment. If you want to establish yourself in the professional trading network, make sure you know the proper way to find good trades.

Making money in the Forex trading industry is an art. You have to learn the proper way to do the market analysis. Start trading the market with demo accounts so that you can easily develop your skills without losing any real money. Never look for any shortcut as it will ruin your trading career within a short period of time.

Think of the risks first

The first way to make a long-term career is by protecting the capital. The money that has been deposited in the account cannot be recovered. Most brokers offer many bonuses but do not fall for the prizes. These prizes cannot be claimed and there are many conditions. Before taking a trade, always think of the risk first and it will help to protect the investment. The greedy traders do not think of the dangers and look for a profitable trend. Without analyzing, it cannot be told if a trend is good for the investment. The traders need to have fun in the account and the industry will not give a second chance if the investment is lost. To make a sustainable career, the risks should be kept in mind.

Practice before placing live trades

People are always losing money in Forex because they don’t have any proper knowledge. Practice can transform the people and even a novice person can become a skilled trader. The platform offers demo accounts where trades can practice with the live trends. Any strategy can be used and it is similar to live to trade. Practice with the volatilities and changes and make the use of the latest strategies.

Do not trust the bots

The Forex bot cannot make the analyses for the people. It only runs a preset program and produces a common output. A wise person will always use their skills and knowledge and avoid the bots. Brokers try to trick the investors and it is one of the ways. The robots can never surpass the human mind.

Never break the rules in your trading system

Never break the rules in your trading system

Forex trading

For a business, the most important thing can be considered as the investment. Without that you cannot even start it in the first place. When you will start in the profession, improper knowledge will be lacking your performance. Then there will be no good value for the investment. This kind of incident happens in the trading business. In this profession, many traders think about the money instead of the knowledge and caliber of the businessman. It can be considered as the edge of the trader. In this article, we are going to talk on the fact of the edge of the traders being the most important ingredient for trading. Just to give you an idea, the trading edge contains each and everything necessary for the trading process. You will just have to do the right thing and try to fill all of the gaps in the trading edge. In the following article, we are going to talk about some of the vital gaps.

Check if the position sizing is in your edge

The position sizing system is the most legit and necessary thing in the trading business. Traders will have to ability to predefine the trades as a whole even before opening them. You will be working for the closing of the trades without working for the market analysis. Actually, the traders will take the position sizing as a reference for analyzing the swings and trends in the charts. Thus the traders will also be able to maintain proper risk to profit margin targets. So, you are getting the freedom to work with your own interest in earning from a trade. All in all, a whole trade with stay organized in the process. This kind of strategy does help the traders a lot to remain safe and secure throughout the whole process.

Losing trades is part of this profession

The traders often get frustrated after losing a few trades in a row. If you use the spread betting demo account you will understand losing trades doesn’t really matters as long as you trade with proper money management. Try to find high-risk reward trades in the higher time frame so that you can win big trades. Use the trailing stop loss features to maximize your potential profit from a certain trade. Never become emotional due to few losing trades. Consider them as your business cost and wait for the next trading opportunity.

Go for the swing trading method for your business

There are many other methods for the trading business. The scalping and day trading goes for a few hours and about a day. Then the position trading denotes the concept of trading for several months. But the most proper and decent timeframe for the trades is about a week. It comes with the swing trading technique. Traders can remain very calm in the trading process. Then they also get the chance of learning about more good ways to improve your market analysis while a trade is running. In a nutshell, it is the most proper and suitable method for traders to follow. We Hope it will also encourage you for your own business in the trading industry.

All edges have to have some sort of management plan

The trading profession is like any other businesses in this world. Because there are a lot of chances of losing. In fact, the chances of losing money in this profession are more than in any others. A slight change in the swings or trends can bring out dark ages for the traders. Even a winning trade can turn into a losing one all on a sudden. That is why traders will have to maintain proper management over the money used for trading. It will have to be done specifically for the risks per trades. Then there will be safety in the position sizing.

Here’s What the Top Traders Wished They Knew When They Started Trading

Forex trading

Did you ever wish that you were able to “roll back the clock” in order to avoid making a past mistake?

At one time or another, we have all been known to utter the statement “I wish I knew then what I know now”.

Online trading is certainly no different. Errors can and will be made from time to time. However, there is an excellent way to avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

Let’s take a quick look at three ways to start from a strong foundation while steering clear of the profound delusions that have served to stymie other traders.

  1. The Unfortunate Trait of Loyalty

This first observation may sound a bit strange, but it is absolutely relevant when referring to online investing.

Many individuals become particularly attached to a specific asset or stock; believing that success is “just around the corner”. As a result, they possess a holding for entirely too long.

A perfect example can be seen in those who remained steadfast to AIG even when dark clouds were overhead. Always look at an investment from an objective perspective in order to avoid such unfortunate outcome.

  1. Excessively High Turnover Rates

Many online investors become involved due to the perceived liquidity of a certain market sector (such as the Forex industry).

Unfortunately, liquidity can often come at price. High turnover rates can quickly lead to mounting transaction fees. In turn, these will inevitably eat into profit margins. Such trades should be taken in stride and it is only advisable to embrace a short-term mentality after appreciating the underlying fundamentals.

The good news is that you can easily find a free resource online to learn Forex trading and accelerate your learning curve to becoming a successful trader. It is also wise to find a cutting-edge online investment platform such as CMC Markets. The fees and associated commissions are much lower when compared to other firms.

  1. A Lopsided Portfolio

Many novice investors become entirely too focused on one or two holdings.

As a result, their portfolios lack diversity.

For example, let us imagine that one individual has become addicted to the price of gold. While this might represent a relatively safe haven, it is still not able to provide the balance required in order to stave off potential volatility (such as if the Federal Reserve suddenly decides to modify its benchmark interest rates).

The end result is that the aggregate value of the portfolio will precipitously drop and the only real options are either to sell at a loss or to wait for a more bullish climate.

A diversified portfolio is able to absorb such losses while providing a greater degree of long-term stability.

While these three mistakes might appear to be somewhat straightforward observations, you would be surprised to learn how many traders fail to heed their warnings.

This is why it is a great idea to constantly re-evaluate your strategy so that you can catch any of the warning signs mentioned above well in advance.

There is nothing wrong with learning from the errors of others.

Trading Options: Everything You Need to Know To Get Started

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If you have never traded options before or if you know that you want to start exploring everything it has to offer but you don’t quite know how then you have come to the right place. Here you can find out whatever you need to know and without spending hours researching information.

Beginners Should Start with Stock Options

if you are a beginner then you should start out with stock options. Options that are based on equities are most commonly known as stock options and they are a natural choice for those who are new to trading. They are listed on exchanges such as the NSE and they are always done in the form of a quote. It is so important to understand the details of a stock option quote so that you can get to grips with the various features that they have to offer.

Options Trade on Underlying Securities

Options can be used in many different ways. You can use them to reduce risk or even to speculate. You can also use them to trade with various underlying securities. The most common underlying securities include indexes, ETFs, equities and more. There are so many options available when you look at these so make sure that you learn the differences so that you can make the right choice for you.

Defining Your Goals

Options traders have a clear understanding of their own financial goals and they also have a very desired position in the market. The way that you approach or think about money, in general, will have a huge impact on your trade options. The best thing that you can do before you go into any kind of option investment is to look at the goals that you have and to also make sure that you are always making the right decisions and at the right time.

Image source pexels

The Language of Option Trading

Trading experts often use various phrases to define a trade. For example, you can have a call or a put. You can also be in the money or out of the money. These are just a few of the most commonly used words that you will hear when you are in a room full of traders. Simply put, you need to try and get your terminology straight and that is why it helps to have a glossary so that you can go through everything that you need and without any problems at all.

Learn Other Options

All trading options require research, but it’s so important that you look into the other options that are available as well, rather than just the one you plan on doing. So try and learn what algorithmic trading is and also put the work in to try and look into different strategies and methods as well. This will really help you to make the most out of your investment and it will also help you to achieve way more with every move that you make as well. After all, it’s the little things that often make the biggest difference.


Timings for Trading the Euro

Image via Pixabay

The euro is the second most liquid currency after the US dollar. It is then followed by the Japanese Yen and the British pound. Whilst it is possible to trade the euro versus a whole range of other currencies, the most popular are the following:


As with the other currencies the euro trades from the open in Sydney on Monday morning, 24 hours a day until the close in the New York on Friday, which is essential Saturday morning in Sydney. The extensive trading hours means that there is plenty of opportunity. But just because the euro trades these hours, it doesn’t mean that it trades equally across these hours. Volatility and volume can vary greatly across any one 24-hour period. You will see that spreads can often increase in those quieter periods, whilst spreads can also narrow significantly during the busier periods. Yet despite having the ability to trade round the clock you will see that most signals to trade come from the busiest periods.

EUR/USD is the most traded currency pair in the world. It is also the most liquid therefore the pair is able to maintain a particularly tight spread across most of the trading day. Even so it is worth being aware of the hours that the European session and the US session trade and within these hours economic data will be released which is likely to impact on the currency pair.

The Hours

The European session opens at 07:000 GMT and continues until 16:00 GMT, whilst the US session opens at 13:00 GMT and trades until 22:00 GMT. So here we can see that the pair will be active session for 13 hours of the day. However, this is potential when it is at its most active, however given that the pair is influenced by events across the globe, fluctuations can readily happen at any point in a 24-hour period.

Economic Data

European economic data is generally released at 07:00 GMT. You will often notice that trading an hour or so prior to a release and several hours following the release of economic data sees increased volatility. Meanwhile US economic releases are often provided at 13:30 – 14:00 GMT and can generate big peaks in trading volume and strong trends for the hours following the release. When we consider than Japanese economic releases happen in the middle of the night for European traders it is easy to see why they don’t often create as much movement in the EUR/JPY as US releases cause in the EUR/USD pair.

This also applies to central bank meeting. The Federal Reserve tend to give their rate decisions at 19:00 GMT, which is still a reasonable time for European traders. The European Central Bank tends to give their rate decision at 12:45 GMT.

So whilst it is possible to trade the EUR/USD, the most traded currency pair in the world, throughout the 24 hour period, it is possible that you may notice more activity and volume during certain hours, when data is released or central banks take monetary policy decisions.

Why Are Support & Resistance Lines So Useful?

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Support and Resistance is one another extremely useful tool in trading and one that I don’t think gets the attention it deserves. If I was told I could choose just one indicator to use, I think it would probably be support and resistance. The reason for this is because support and resistance give so much information about the market.

The concept is very easy. These are prices where the market thinks things have got too expensive, or too cheap and then reacts on the back of that. In other words, support and resistance levels identify prices levels where historically the price has reacted by reversing. These price levels are considered clues for future price behavior.
The market might be running higher, it hits a price and bounces back lower, this is the resistance where selling overwhelms buying and the price increase stops, you might look to place a sell position.

Likewise, the market sells off hits a resistance point bounces back, this is the support where buyers overwhelm sellers and the price reverses you might look to buy.

It also helps to remember than support and resistance are not exact numbers, but think of them more as a zone, sometimes the price can move a little past the support or resistance price but then still bounce. Don’t confuse testing a support with breaking a support.

So, why do we often see these resistance and support levels come at round numbers?

This basically comes down to the fact that we as humans prefer to deal with round numbers, for example it’s unusual to put an order in for £3.04, you and the rest of the market are much more likely to put an order in for£3. This is just easier to calculate, and this is easier to think about. Therefore, as humans we have a tendency to gravitate towards whole round numbers and why we often see support and resistance levels form at these levels.

When looking at the volumes in markets you will often find that there are a large number of people waiting to buy and sell at these numbers.

Drawing Support and Resistance Levels

Starting out it could actually be easier to use a line graph rather than a candlestick chart. This is because the candlestick chart brings the extreme highs and extreme lows into the picture, rather than just the closing prices, as with the line chart. But then once you’re comfortable with the concept the candlestick chart contains more information.

Looking at the chart identify levels where several peaks or valleys form. Draw a line and this is the support or resistance zone.

This can be done on the charts offered by Vantage FX including the world renowned MT4 account which Vantage FX offers its clients. Information on how to use the charts can be found on this website.

Trader.Online Forex broker review:

Nowadays, you can find Forex brokers all over the internet. Those having the desire to start trading can find a lot of brokers out there, but choosing a broker, in particular, can be real trouble for some. In this review, we will take a closer look at Trader.Online and whether this broker is worth a shot.

About Trader.Online Forex broker:

Trader.Online is the newest addition to the Forex industry. Recently established, Trader.Online is owned and managed by a company called Zolarex Ltd. The holding company is based in the Republic of the Marshall Island and their registered address is at the Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands. What’s interesting about this Forex broker is the amount of traders already using their services in such a short amount time. Are the numbers lying or is Trader.Online really that good?

Trader.Online regulations:

As mentioned Trader.Online is based in the Marshall Islands and is not regulated by any financial regulatory agency.

Trader.Online Assets:

This broker specialise in Forex/CFDs trading and offers up to 200 assets to its traders. These include Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies. View all the available assets with Trader.Online here.

Trader.Online account types:


Not everyone looking to trade the financial markets has the same needs and most definitely not the same financial resources. Trader.Online gives its traders the possibility to choose between three different account types. These are the Take-off, Booster and Uplift account. Each account has its own set of benefits but the most basic one which is the Take-off account is already a great bargain for beginners. To get started only a minimum of $250 is required. You can read more about the different account types here.

Trader.Online platforms:

This Forex broker provides two different types of platforms to its traders. They claim that these platforms were designed specifically to make Forex trading easier and we definitely had to test that for ourselves. After making a quick deposit, here’s what we found:

Trader.Online Forex platform:

Forex is their main trading platform. Even if this platform was built for traders who already have an expertise in trading, I can easily find someone with no experience at all finding their way through this platform. This sleek and straight forward design makes everything look simple and easy. The platform has all the necessary charts and tools which can be customised according to one’s own preferences. This platform also support a wide range of indicators such as bollinger bands and volume oscillators. There is more than thirty indicators to discover on this platform.

Trader.Online Simplex platform:

Simplex is the second platform provided by this Forex broker. With this one Trader.Online went one step ahead by trying to simplify trading even further. I can’t find any good reason why the absolute beginner trader won’t like this platform since with the Simplex platform traders can open and close within simple clicks. This platform also features all the necessary tools and charts required in trading.

Deposits and Withdrawals with Trader.Online:

Deposit and withdrawal is probably the second most used feature any broker provides. Deposit, therefore, had to be put to the test. Deposits were made within second and Trader.Online offers two ways to deposits, Card deposits and Wire transfers. Wire transfers normally takes four to five business days to complete and depositing by card was instant with Trader.Online. When it comes to deposits, there are no charges for the customer.

Withdrawal on the other hand takes longer than what is desired. Most traders prefer having their money as soon as their request is sent, but with Trader.Online it can take up to five business days. A commission is also charged based on the method used to withdraw money. However, this is very common in the industry and is the time-frame within which withdrawals are taken care of. With Trader.Online, we are on the safe side.

Trader.Online Support:

Support in Forex can take a trader to new heights. Just imagine getting started with Forex/CFDs trading without proper assistance. Not easy, right? At Trader.Online, they claim to be available 24/7. They are available via email on or via phone on +44 203 455 4606. Additionally, once traders deposit, they have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who accompany them until they are able to trade on their own.

Education at Trader.Online:

Trading Forex requires a basic knowledge about the industry itself and all the different components. Even though it’s easy to find everything you need to know about Forex online, Trader.Online developed its own learning academy enabling traders to find everything they need to know in one place.

Trader.Online, the verdict:

After carefully examining this Forex broker, it can be said that Trader.Online is worth a shot. They have all the features needed and provide an excellent service quality. Of course, they still have a lot to prove in this predominant Forex industry, but it looks like it is set to demarcate itself with the features it offers. Get started today, creating an account is free.

The Road To Riches

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Unfortunately, today, most people earn money by trading units of time. The problem with this approach is that there are only so many units of time available and there’s a ceiling to what people are willing to pay for a unit of time.

Of course, there are things you can do to enhance the value of each unit such as gain further education and training, but whether you stack shelves or perform open heart surgery, you are fundamentally stuck on the treadmill of trading hours for dollars.

In this way, you are essentially stuck in the rat race. See, the challenge, even if you are a highly paid attorney is there are only so many hours in the week that you can trade your time, and as previously stated, there’s a ceiling to what people are willing or able to pay even if the value you provide is significant.

The biggest challenge when it comes to earning money in the sense of following the road to riches and the path that leads to financial freedom is that by operating within the rat race, when you stop walking on that treadmill (i.e. swapping tiem for money) the money stops – as a result if people want more money they tend to work more hours, which diminishes their quality of life and can eventually cause illness. Then, with regard to this financial treadmill, if you get sick as you are unable to work the money stops.

There is, however, a better way.

Whilst the title of this post is the road to riches, which sounds somewhat grandiose, the fundamental concept behind what is about to be revealed is what the rich teach their children as it’s a completely different paradigm to those more familiar with the rat race. It’s important to remember, when considering your income that it’s not all just about your net worth – it’s important to focus on the quality of your life.

The golden principle if you want to follow the road to riches is to build assets that generate wealth in perpetuity. As an example, think of someone investing in real estate whether this is via a platform such as AssetColumn or using a traditional realtor.

The wealthy are taught not to focus on short term benefit (i.e. monthly salary) but to invest their time and resources into building assets that will mature and provide for them time and time again, in the future. In many ways this could be compared to the homeowner vs. renter mentality.

When you build an asset, such as having a number of properties that you rent out it’s like planting a fruit tree that will produce fruit each and every year… all you need to do is a little maintenance and watering.

Imagine making $400 per month in profit on a property and having a portfolio of several properties that each yield this much profit; pretty soon you could have build a chain of assets that generate an income in excess of $20,000 per month. Most importantly, this income is generated passively in that you are not trading your time for money in the conventional sense of being employed on an hourly basis.

In summary, the road to riches involves shifting your focus from working for a job that pays a salary to building assets that generate a profit.

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