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4 Signs That You Might Have a Debt Problem

No one has ever woken up one day to find themselves drowning in a sea of debt overnight. It just doesn’t work that way. Being in debt or having a debt problem is always a result of making a series of bad financial decisions. Here, I have listed a few early warning signs for someone...


Millennials and Finance: Make a Plan and Stick With it

Image via Pixabay When it comes to paying off your credit cards, remember that your income and total debt don’t really make a difference in your ability to do so. Rather, planning is the key to your success. According to a study done of more than 520 customers, the single most accurate indicator of their...


Thinking About Debt Consolidation?

If you’ve been dealing with credit card debt or other unsecured forms of debt, and times have gotten tough, you may be considering debt consolidation. While this option is indeed a good fit for many, there is no such thing as a one size fits all debt solution. With that said, there are a few...


6 Qualities to Look For in Credit and Debt Consolidation Programs

Image via Pixabay Life can be quite overwhelming when you are saddled with lots of debt from several creditors. It is best to find a loan program that can help you get your financial situation back on track, especially if you have several credit card balances and high-interest personal loans to pay. Rising debt can...


Could A Bad Boss Get You In Debt?

A bad boss is worth avoiding for a plethora of reasons. They can make your working life hell, they can steal your accomplishments, fail to show any recognition, and can make you fall out of love with your career. But while you might think of soldiering on and tolerating bad behavior until you can make...


Getting Yourself Out Of Deep Water

When it comes to money, it is really easy to become stuck in a bit of a rut. One thing will lead to another and before you know it you’ve got debts up to your eyeballs. Even if you don’t have debts, you can come to a point where you’re barely scraping by from paycheck...


Resolve to Never Fall into Debt Again in the New Year – Preparing for 2018

https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/09/16/09/21/card-1673581_960_720.png During the run-up for the biggest holiday in the US – Christmas, it is pretty easy to brush apart all the debt worries that you were facing. You have so many things to plan for, presents to buy, dinner to cook and New Year drinks. But now as we are all set to welcome...


How to Deal with Collection Agencies

If you are in debt and having trouble paying off your creditors, then you may fear the inevitable call from the debt collector. Or you may already be receiving these calls and filtering them out by not responding to them. Or you may be making promises to them that you know you can’t keep. What...

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