Saving Money and Going Green Go Hand-in-Hand

money_savingThe main goal for most businesses is to turn a profit. However, in a world that is increasingly aware of environmental issues, many businesses are taking measures to reduce the negative impact their company has on the environment. It is a mistaken belief that going green can cost more money for your business. In fact, saving money and going green go hand in hand.

Reducing Electricity Usage

Electricity is often one of the biggest overheads faced by a business, but cutting back on the amount of electricity used is relatively easy. One of the biggest uses of electricity in businesses is lighting. Turning off lights when you are not using a room is really easy and is a habit that should be encouraged amongst all staff. Another way to cut the cost of lighting is to use energy saving lightbulbs. The initial outlay for these is more than regular bulbs, but you will soon reap the rewards of using them. They can last for several years before they need replacing and significantly reduce the amount of energy used to light your premises. A further tip for cutting back on electricity use is to turn off all the equipment and appliances each day as soon as they are not in use. You can make it the responsibility of the last person to leave the premises each night to make sure that everything is turned off.

Using Recycled Products

Using recycled products is a great way of both going green and saving money. Recycled paper is fantastic for everyday use, and usually costs significantly less than paper that has not been recycled. You can also make efforts to recycle paper yourself by shredding unwanted documents and sending the waste for recycling.

Similarly, instead of buying brand new ink cartridges every time they need replacing, consider using remanufactured Lexmark ink cartridges. Not only is this a step towards operating an environmentally friendly business, it can also save you between 40 and 50 per cent on the cost of replacing ink cartridges. Buying HP Laserjet p1102 Printer Ink from Original Cartridge Manufacturers and remembering to recycle your used cartridges will ensure no waste is created by your business. There are also many items of stationery that are made from recycled materials, such as recycled plastics, and it is worth considering only buying these if they are a cost-effective option for your business.

Cutting Down on Gas Use

If you use gas for heating your premises, this will impact on the carbon footprint of your business. If you are not careful, it can also make a big dent in your business overheads. Reducing the amount of gas you use to heat your premises has the double benefits of saving you money and lowering the detrimental impact your business is having on the environment. Luckily, cutting down on gas usage is really simple.

Your premises do not need to be heated twenty-four hours a day, so set your boiler’s timer settings so that you can limit heating to set times of the day. If you must have the heating on constantly, then turn the thermostat down. Even a few degrees can make a significant difference. Furthermore, you should take steps to prevent heat loss from your building. Close all the doors and windows, get the premises insulated and consider using draft excluders around the doors. Saving energy in this way can have a dramatic impact on the amount your business will pay in bills each month.

Any business that wishes to conduct themselves in an ethical manner should take steps to reduce the negative impact their daily activities has on the environment. The added advantage of taking steps towards being green is that you can dramatically reduce many of your costs, including electricity, gas and office equipment. Not only will your profits increase as a result of cutting costs, you can also inform clients that you are an ethical and green business and this can be a deciding factor for many clients when choosing a business to work with.


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