Reviews for Blog Carnival #2

Blogging is a well-known occupation for many people now and it frequently turns out to be helpful in making money. Go through the reviews of some of the most popular posts made by the top 22 bloggers for FinanceWand blog carnival:

Mark presents My Best Financial Tip posted at My Own Advisor. Here the blogger says that he received the best financial advice from none other than his father. Mark says that being frugal always helps and everyone should sincerely learn about personal finance and investing tips throughout their life.

Andrew Hallam presents How I Made My First Million part I and II posted at Andrew Hallam. This is a two-part video that the blogger has uploaded when he was interviewed for a television series. Here, he was asked how he made his first million as a person who had no technical knowledge or expertise.

101 Centavos presents Wednesday Morning Fish Wrap: The Speed of Crime posted at 101 Centavos. The blogger here talks about personal security in the realm of personal finance in an insightful manner. He focuses on how fast precious items can be stolen from your car, based on the tips of a former car thief on how to protect your car. So, staying conscious pays off since a crime can take place really fast.

Roshawn Watson presents How to Buy Happiness posted at Watson Inc. The blogger wants to say money does not buy you happiness all the time. However, money has a role in influencing your happiness. If you are a compulsive shopper, then there is mental satisfaction in buying a number of small things rather than one big item. However, it also depends on what you are purchasing.

The Grouch presents Why I’m Pro Choice posted at The Biz of Life. The blogger says that when it is a question of using taxpayers’ money for abortions and contraceptives, there is no wrong. However, people should bear their own refreshment and entertainment costs and not at the cost of others’ money and they should be allowed to do so in their own states. The blogger has cited the example of District of Columbia city council.

Sam Dogen presents The Main Reasons To Borrow Money Through Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Lending posted at Financial Samurai. Sam states that every one of us has to borrow some money at some point of time. He says that peer-to-peer lending is a good option when borrowers look for an interest rate which they can truly afford. The reasons for borrowing via peer-to-peer lending are many, including debt consolidation, baby and adoption loans, taxation, home improvement, cosmetic procedures, vacation loans, wedding loans and so on. Peer-to-peer lending allows you to borrow money responsibly and with trust.

Dave presents Mortgage Life Insurance – Why You Should Have It posted at 50 Plus Finance. Here Dave talks about the utility of mortgage life insurance. Mortgage life insurance is a product which is offered to you at the time of registering for a mortgage or refinance. The benefit of this kind of an insurance policy is that if the policyholder passes away at the time when the policy was operational, then an amount will be disbursed by the policy which can be used to pay off the unpaid amount of the mortgage. However, you should have a clear idea about the basics of this policy.

Aaron Hung presents What is Corporate Forex posted at Aaron Hung. The blogger talks about how corporations can earn money with corporate forex i.e. by selling dollars for Euros and other currencies. This can be done either via a market maker or broker by making the most of the fluctuation of currency values.

I am 1 Percent presents What to do with a cash gift? posted at I am 1 Percent. The blogger puts the focus on how a cash gift or annual bonus can be used for different purposes, namely repaying non-tax deductible debt, high-interest debts, good interest-yielding investment, or charitable purposes.

Kevin presents Our Bid For Financial Freedom by Age 50 posted at Invest It Wisely. The blogger Kevin here discusses that everyone wants to be financially free when they reach a certain age and save a considerable amount of money. He focuses on a blend of Roth IRA and 401(k) plans to fulfill the retirement needs of investment-minded people.

Jonny presents Alarming Levels Of Personal Debt With Today’s Retirees posted at Knowing Your Debt. Here the blogger discusses about the shocking level of debt that the retired persons build up and the financial problems they face as a result of it. There may be various reasons behind this accumulation of debt like the rising cost of living, supporting the teenagers, increase in the number of mortgages and a slump in savings.

Little House presents Non-Refundable Hotel Reservations posted at Little House in the Valley. The blogger discussed about his bitter experience of non-refundable hotel reservations which is quite a rare incident to him and how it spoiled his entire vacation.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter presents 10 Fun Dates That Won’t Break The Bank posted at Prairie Eco.-Thrifter. The blogger here says that dating can be costly with economic factors like inflation. He offers suggestions on how couples can go on a date without having to spend a huge amount.

David presents Mortgage Life Insurance – Is It Necessary? posted at Save A Little Money. The blogger discusses about the necessity of mortgage life insurance that many people don’t know. The most important benefit is that their mortgage is protected by this insurance in case there is a sad demise. However, choosing the right mortgage insurance policy is important and expert guidance is necessary in this regard.

Nick presents RIP my 12 round heavyweight battle with the IRS posted at Step Away From The Mall. In this write-up, he tells us about how he won his battle with the Internal Revenue Service and sorted out his taxation issues.

Paul presents 4 Ways to Cut Costs Not Nutrition at the Grocery Store posted at The Frugal Toad. Here he discusses about how we can shop smartly for foods that are high in nutrition but are low in cost. He stresses on homemade foods for cutting down costs.

Miss Thrifty presents COMPETITION: Win a subscription to Flavrbox with eHarmony posted at Miss Thrifty. In this blog, she discusses about how to enter into the Flavrbox competition and win tasty food boxes of chocolates, tea, jam, and sauce. He informs how people can win six month subscriptions to Flavrbox via eHarmony UK.

Maria presents Beyond ‘I told you so’ is ‘Ouch!’: Paul Knott’s epic book about finance and so much more posted at The Money Principle. She states how she felt once she read the book Ouch! by Paul Knott. She also recommends this as a good, serious and well-researched book on personal finance.

Christopher presents Choosing The Right Junior ISA Provider posted at This That And The MBA. Here he discusses how we can save for our kids with different types of Junior ISA accounts and how we should go about choosing the right Junior ISA provider, taking into consideration the safety features and all.

Sudipto presents 51 Ways to Get Physically Fitter Than Yesterday posted at One Cent At A Time. Here the blogger talks about being fit and healthy by following certain diet and eating habits, exercises and workouts, and cardio and abdominal exercises for beginners.

James presents 4 Ways Small Business Saturday Can Help Your Shop posted at Make Money in Life. Small Business Saturday is an annual event which takes place with the objective of increasing sales for the local retailers throughout the United States. The blogger has offered certain tips so that shop owners can make the most of this event.

Sherin presents Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Review and Features posted at Invest in Internals. The blogger elaborates about the salient features of Kindle Fire HD version 8.9, which is regarded as the best-selling HD tablet on Amazon with a big screen and also mentions about the data package which is available with the top-of-the-line gadget.

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