Overspending to positively affect your date – Money moves to steer clear from


If you’re someone who is extremely excited to go out on your first date, all that is going on in your mind is definitely on how you can impress your partner. Would you choose an expensive restaurant or prefer some other better fun-filled activities in your city? But hey, did you think about your pocket? Do you have the affordability to afford such costly things on your first date? Did you think about the matter that overspending on your very first date could possibly lead to more difficulty in meeting the bills during the rest of the month?

So, you need to be rational and reasonable as it is vital to impress your date with the kind of personality that you have and not with your money. So, here are few bad money moves that you should steer clear from on your first date.

? Asking or demanding something

This is the biggest No-No when you’re on a first date as this depicts a bad side of your personality and portrays you as a demanding person. If you see that your date purchases dinner for you and takes you on a good movie, that’s simply great! But if he doesn’t do that, it is definitely better to not ask him for anything. Your first date is definitely not the best time to ask for things. If he buys you things, that’s okay but you shouldn’t demand anything and let him shape a bad opinion about you.

? Try and make plans without taking him into consideration

Make sure you don’t become too available for your partner soon after the first date. Guys usually don’t prefer a girl who is available always as this burns all desire left in first-time meetings. When you plan something without your partner, he will want you more. So, you can keep him hanging once in a while in order to enjoy the attention.

? Telling that you’re dividing the check between both

Although it’s true that there can be nothing wrong in following the Dutch style, just make sure you are not a jerk in showing your wishes. If you’re the one who has told about the date, go get the tab. On the other hand, if it was the other person who initiated the date, don’t always take it for granted that they will choose the tab and don’t assume it. Hence, it is better to choose to pay politely as that makes sense.

? Spending more than what you can to impress the partner

When you show an effort to impress your date, there are times when you may feel that it is easy to go overboard in order to make a memorable night. Remember that it is important to have fun but definitely at the cost of your bank account. Therefore it is necessary that you check your finances and assume the exact amount which you may need to spend for a single night.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can save your money on your first date and yet make it memorable, take into account the above mentioned points.

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