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Interview with Fitz Villafuerte, Filipino Entrepreneur

Successful business stories begin with ambition. The self-made Fitz Villafurte`s goal is to achieve `financial freedom`. Once a `corporate slave` therefore gives up the corporate world and becomes a serial entrepreneur. At present, this magician is running several businesses confidently. According to him, “People can use their creativity to earn money.” Through his http://199jobs.com/ and http://fitzvillafuerte.com/ Fitz’s helps to achieve trustworthy moneymaking goals. . He ultimately manages to present himself as a reliable and responsive support in a community. Simultaneously he wants to see himself as an established author within five years.

1. Tell us something about your background?

I’m a civil engineer who decided to quit the corporate world back in 2003 to pursue entrepreneurship. At first, I became a freelancer and shifted towards software development as a career. Later on, when I was able to save up enough capital, I put up my first business, which was a computer shop. From there on, I moved towards becoming a serial entrepreneur and started several more businesses, both online and offline.

2. How did blogging happened in between entrepreneurship and educator?

By 2007, I already have several thriving businesses and a lot of my friends were asking me how I did it — quit the corporate world and became a full-time entrepreneur. That’s when I decided to start my blog, so I can tell my stories, and share the lessons I learned.

My blog emphasized the importance of money management if one wants to become an entrepreneur. Later on, I also started writing about investments and other aspects of personal finance.

Soon enough, my blog was able to build a good following, and I started getting speaking invitations to events, TV, and radio shows. And eventually, I decided to organize my own seminars to teach people about financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

3. What do you do other than blogging?

I am still an entrepreneur by heart, and most of my days are spent managing my businesses. My latest is an online freelancer marketplace called 199 Jobs.

4. Finance is a vast subject, what your blog mainly deal with?

I mainly deal with personal finance for the young urban professional who needs a jumpstart on their money management. While my audience has largely grown over the years, my articles remain on the boundaries of foundational lessons on how to handle one’s finances.

5. Do you have writers, writing for you?

Yes, I do. But they mostly do initial drafts, as well as research and fact-checking. I’m still the one who writes the final article. However, I do accept guest posts once in a while.

6. How often do you update your blog?

I publish 2-3 new articles a week, but I always take time to update past articles — add more current information, or simply edit to improve that grammar.

7. How many hours do you work on a daily basis, on your blog?

My average would be around 2 hours a day.

8. Are you earning more than your corporate job?

I don’t have a corporate job, but I do earn more from my businesses than from my blog. However, my blog income is significant enough to actually cover my cost of living expenses.

9. Is blogging a new career in the market?

I don’t think so. Blogging or more simply, “making money online” has been an industry since the mid-2000s — but there is still a lot of room for everyone in my opinion.

10. What is Fitz planning for, in the next five years?

I plan to publish more books about personal finance and self-development. I published my first book back in 2013, which was a compilation of my blog articles, and it’s been a great source of passive income. I plan to explore this path more and establish myself as an author too, among other things.

11. Some tips for new bloggers who wants to be successful?

Write stories — people love reading about stories. Talk about your life as it is the most unique content you can share. All the other aspects of blogging, such as design, marketing, and even income, will eventually follow. Let your content shine first.

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