Five Gadgets That Reduce Your Household Bills

One of the biggest drains on our personal finances, our household incurs numerous upkeep costs. As economic conditions have worsened, the vast majority of Brits have been left facing a crippling amount of monthly bills with very little income.

This has made budgeting and financial control far more important for the average household and finding ways to reduce these bills is now a priority. Luckily, recent advances in technology have developed a number of fantastic gadgets offering consumers many ways to reduce their household bills.

1. Smart Plugs

According to figures from the BBC, un-plugging chargers when they are no longer in use would save enough electricity to power 115,000 homes each year. This makes latent energy consumption one of the main causes of large household bills.

To address this problem there are many things which consumers can do. Alongside adapting how you charge and use your appliances you could also invest in Smart Plugs. These operate by cutting the flow of electricity to devices or appliances when they are not in use, preventing you from wasting energy and money.

2. Draught excluders

One fifth of all energy lost in a home occurs through poor ventilation and draughts so these simple products are an easy way to keep your home warm and energy efficient. Draught excluders are available in numerous forms, ranging from the humble curtain to a letterbox cover.

3. Rechargeable batteries

A product which has been around for years, rechargeable batteries are now more popular than ever. Traditional cylindrical cell batteries (such as AA and AAA) can be purchased in this form and whilst the initial cost may be higher than standard batteries you should save money in the long run. Lithium-ion batteries used in cameras, laptops and mobile phones are also a type of rechargeable battery.

4. New condensing boiler

Boilers generate more than just hot water and are responsible for 60% of our annual energy bill. Making sure they are running efficiently is the easiest way to drastically reduce your bills and modern condensing boilers are the best option.

These have a 90% efficiency rating and equate to an average saving of £150 a year for a typical semi-detached home. Protecting piping with a water cylinder jacket can also save you £20 a year after costing just £12 to purchase paying for itself in just over six months.

5. Energy control app

There are numerous apps available to help lower your bills, covering everything from energy price comparison to energy monitoring. According to The Daily Telegraph using energy monitoring devices can reduce bills by as much as 5% – which is great considering many of these apps are free.

Julia Stevenson is a mother of two and a regular blogger. In charge of her household’s budget, Julia offers advice on how to lower bills by changing daily habits and conducting an energy price comparison. She regularly hunts for the latest low-cost items to help make her home more efficient.

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