Crunching the Numbers Overseas: Why Study Abroad For A Finance Career

One of the terrific things about choosing to study is that you have so many options to pick from. That includes options in the field of finance. Whether you’re studying an undergraduate degree in Economics, or a Master of Science in Accounting, studying abroad can be a valuable experience for your future career in finance.

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Studying abroad can be the experience of a lifetime, and you’ll learn new things about the world and yourself. It’s a brave and intrepid decision to make, and employers will look upon this favorably: to them, a candidate who has studied abroad will have a well-rounded view of the world, a wider range of experiences, and a stronger mental attitude than a competing candidate who has never left their home town.

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By studying outside of your home country, your knowledge base will become wider and deeper. You’ll be able to contrast the lessons you are taught in your new university with the familiar facts you’ve learnt while you’ve been at home. You’ll learn where your own country sits in comparison to the rest of the world, and this awareness of context will make you a stronger and wiser person. Employers will recognize this, so not only will you be a better candidate, you’ll also be better at the job you eventually get in the finance industry.


Save money

Every potential finance employee knows the value of money, and people who study abroad are no exception. If you choose a country with cheaper study costs, like Germany or France, or a country with cheaper cost of living, then you’ll actually save money on your studies compared with what you would spend staying at home.

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In this world’s global economy, finance in particular requires its employees to be citizens of the world, not just their home country. What better way to prepare for this than living abroad for a short period of time and totally immersing yourself in a new culture, language and education system?

Develop new skills

Not only could you learn a new language, but you’ll also gain independence and self-confidence from your experience, along with problem solving skills and leadership qualities which are all ideal for a career in the finance industry.

Studying abroad will enhance your career prospects, as well as providing you with a unique once in a lifetime studying experience you’ll have for the rest of your life.

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