5 Ways to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

BudgetingWith the economy we have right now, it is important that we learn how to maximize our income. We can do this by being more careful with how we use our money. There are things that we can live without. But there are also things that we have to allocate money for. This includes food. If you are the bread winner of your family, you know that grocery shopping can be a constant drain on your resources. In order to help you with budgeting, here are five ways to stretch your grocery budget.

Plan your meals in advance. Before making that grocery list, decide first what your dishes are going to be for the week. This will save you both time and money. By planning your meals in advance you will get to buy only what you need.

Shop in Farmer’s markets. The food here is fresh and a lot cheaper compared to what can be found in supermarkets. By buying in Farmer’s markets you get to save and help the local farmers. That’s what you call hitting two birds with one stone.

Buy only what you need. Don’t buy too much food. Buy only what you and your family can consume within a week. Don’t purchase food that spoils easily or you might end up having to throw much of it away. If you want to stock up, then do so with non-perishable items such as canned goods. This way you will be able to preserve it – and save money in the process.

Don’t bring children. This may sound a bit harsh but if you really want to save money, don’t bring your children along. Kids have the tendency of getting whatever they want from the shelves. Yes, you might be able to control them to a degree but, knowing parents, you’ll find it hard to say no to all their demands. To be on the safe side, it would be best to bring adults only.

Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry. The biggest mistake you can make is to go grocery shopping when you are hungry because you might buy more than you need. If you are planning to do some shopping make sure you eat a full meal beforehand.

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