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3 Self-Limiting Beliefs You Need to Overpower Now for a Successful Life

Dreaming financial independence and a good life? This dream to be a billionaire seems to be just a fantasy for most of us, right, because it’s something that “could never happen”. Ever wondered why? Why would you be an entrepreneur only and not a successful one? To Steve Liefschultz that is because there are beliefs you unconsciously allow to control your business, to not learn and improve and realize its full potential.

With a predetermined mindset, it is rather difficult to constantly grow. You don’t challenge the norms nor are you willing to break through the old wisdom you’ve been fed with because the very idea sounds risky enough and you would end up wasting your time. Does it sound familiar? If you catch yourself with the following thoughts, you’d know what to weed out to get the future you want for yourself.

1.     I’m not smart enough or an expert

Yes, well guess what? No one starts any project as an expert. It would come with experience, which is a piece of cake if you really are passionate about the topic in the first place. For most businesses anyway, rigorous learning of two years can lead you to be a top expert. So, if you can put in the required effort every day without stressing out or getting frustrated, you need not be a nerdy genius or a master to take the first step and begin investing in it.

2.     I’m too late to pursue my dreams

Are you sure? But then this is exactly what people say when they are asked to go to college and complete their studies, except that you do see as many senior citizens attending it as there are teenagers. There are so many inspirational figures whose stories are full of lessons for you to learn from, who despite being virtually a nobody before do not let their age stop them from making an effort and make something out of their life. Besides, imagine what u can achieve with the current technological advancements.

3.     I’m not rich enough to make money

Yet another misconception is you have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, born a millionaire to be at the top and rake in as many dollars. If that was indeed the case, the world would be such a less interesting place; consider any piece of fiction be it movies or books and you would see that a majority of them talk of underdogs making their way to riches. Are you too afraid to progress that you would use lack of resources and money as your excuse? How about using it as the reason instead why you’re so focused and have a fresh mind when it comes to planning and operation?

These are but 3 of the detrimental mindsets Steve Liefschultz believes stop you from achieving your short-term or long-term goals. If you can reframe these thoughts, be dedicated to and confident about your business and life plans, you would not let them sabotage your efforts.

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