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5 Coupon Hacks To Save Money

Who doesn’t love a deal?

You don’t need to be a die-hard coupon maniac to enjoy the thrill of BOGO (buy one get one). You don’t need to spend hours pouring over multiple copies of the Sunday paper to get a little rush as your grand total is reduced at checkout, either. Saving money just takes some savvy.

Here are five coupon hacks that can save you money from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone.

One thing to consider? Be careful about potential coupon fraud. It is easy to get fraudulent coupons or coupon codes online. If you don’t trust a site don’t continue, or you could open your computer or email address up to hackers. By following the official store brands and websites and using legitimate couponing websites or apps you can prevent fraud.

Get Honey

What’s sweeter than local honey? Honey the browser-based coupon-finder! That’s because Honey is a free coupon search engine that works with just a click.

Honey is a free extension that automatically searches for and applies coupon codes when you shop online. Honey works for over 100 online

stores so far, and growing. Here’s a video that shows Honey in action.

Fan & Follow

Don’t neglect to “like” or “follow” your favorite stores and brands in social media. Giving a simple “like” will put the store’s specials into your Facebook news feed. So will following the brand on Twitter. Monitor both for savings by checking in periodically, or keeping a notepad nearby to write down savings codes.

PHOTO: Flickr user MissMessieSavingStar Grocery Coupons

How would you like coupons automatically loaded onto your store loyalty cards? No cutting coupons and no need to remember to bring them with you. That’s the premise of SavingStar, a free service.

The savings here go on “behind the scenes” — you don’t get a discount at the register or see the discount on your receipt. You do, however, accrue your savings into a SavingStar account. Then you are paid via your bank account, PayPal, or Amazon gift card.

The money accumulated here can be spent at a number of online retailers or donated to your favorite nonprofit, like American Forests. If you choose the nonprofit route, you can effortlessly give to worthy causes without changing your shopping habits.

Rethink What You Really Need (Free!)

Coupons are great, but so is living with less and consuming less. One of the best coupon hacks is to focus on changing your lifestyle. Get off of as many treadmills as possible and your savings can be significant. Who says you have to live like everyone else, anyway?

Start at home. Reduce your family’s overhead costs by moving into a smaller house or getting rid of one of your vehicles. Plant a square foot garden to offset some of your food costs. Commute to work on your bike. Make your own laundry detergent and hang your laundry to dry on the line to reduce your utility costs.

These and multiple other changes do add up. Simplifying your life can also be deeply satisfying, too — and that’s worth just as much, or more, than any coupon savings.

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Katie McCaskey is a freelance journalist writing for Vistaprint Deals, the official website for Vistaprint coupon codes. Besides running a small business in Staunton, Virginia, Katie has covered personal finance and small business marketing topics for over 10 years.

10 Tips To Save Money While Shopping

10 Tips To Save Money While Shopping

With children having recently returned to school, many of us are officially broke. Shoes, clothes, supplies (why do they need a calculator that costs $100), and other miscellanea have broken more budgets than marriage and divorce combined. That brings me to my topic:  smarter shopping. If you are smart about it, you can saving yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars annually.  As we all know, saving money is just as important as investing when it comes to wealth-building.  Here are ten tips that could help you keep more money in your pocket year-round.

10 Simple Money-Savings Tips

  1. Buy used whenever possible. That $100 calculator mentioned above, picked it up for $30 from a parent that paid full price last year.
  2. Always buy last generation tech. You will save at least 50% and you will still have the majority of options that you actually need.
  3. Never buy an extended warranty. Over 90% of them are never used.
  4. Do not wait until the last minute to buy. Every buying season is predictable. Buy summer clothes at the end of the season for the coming year. School clothes are usually on sale early in the season, so buy then.
  5. Always make a shopping list and stick to it. You should save 20% or more during each shopping trip if you plan your list and avoid impulse items.
  6. Shopping while you are hungry can be devastating. How many times have you bought a candy bar in a department store or five or six items that look good, but you didn’t really need just because you were hungry at the time?
  7. Before you go shopping for clothes, look through your closets and drawers. Have you ever bought a shirt or blouse only to come home and find a very similar item hanging up? Taking a careful inventory before you shop can save you hundreds of dollars each year.
  8. Do not neglect yard/garage sales or thrift stores. These venues can save you hundreds of dollars on items that are in terrific shape.
  9. Need a new furniture item? Look in the scratch and dent area. Retailers often receive items that were lightly damaged in shipping. It can be more cost effective for them to lower the price by 10-20% and the damage is usually difficult to see.
  10. Never pay for features that you do not need. Sure, the added features may seem ”cool”, but the added cost often outweighs any cool factor.

Hopefully, you have found a few tips that are helpful. Good luck saving money this year!

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