How Does the NHS Handle Document Management

It is now becoming commonplace for companies to have access to a large amount of their customer’s personal data nowadays. The definition of “personal data” is vast, but for day-to-day purposes it is best to treat all information that concerns living, identifiable individuals as personal data. The most important information of ours regards are health, […]

How Exactly is a Business Valued?

Valuing a business is not something that happens only when an owner is looking to sell and move on; there are a variety of potential reasons behind it. They may be looking to raise some equity capital, in which case a price for shares will need to be established, or similarly the business might be […]

The Most Common Financial Mistakes New Business Owners Make

Starting a new business is one of the biggest financial burdens a person can take on. Many people fear the financial issues that often come with starting a new business because of the immense problems those issues can cause for a person. Every business owner wants to prepare as much as they can to avoid […]

A Cut-above the Rest: Making your Business more Innovative

With the ever-increasing numbers of new businesses popping up each year, mixed with the current big-hitters in your niche, making your company stand out from the rest has never been more important. But where do you find this ‘x-factor’ and how do you go about achieving it? The hard truth is there is no ‘quick-fix’ […]

Three Innovative Ways to Finance Your Business

For many SMEs, securing funding can prove problematic. This issue has proved particularly prevalent since the financial crash of 2007, which saw the economy grow increasingly volatile, and monetary institutions grow ever more reluctant to lend capital to businesses that really needed it.             Image credit: It is not only […]

Getting a Business Loan for Your Small Business

Small businesses have been badly affected by the recent recession and are now being slowly shut out of getting a bank loan. They have lost several customers due to this and have also reduced the sales of their products. They have also had to lay off some of their employees due to their lack of […]

How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Business

Cloud computing is becoming ever prevalent in the business world these days, and with good reason. So you’ve probably already heard of it, and probably already know what it is. You may even be using it without realizing in your personal life, such as on your smartphone. But you may not know how you can […]

Managing Costs In Business: How Technology Can Help You Save Money

If you’re looking for ways to decrease the costs of operating your business, then better invest in technology. It sounds foolish on the onset—why spend when what you want to do is save? Trust us, the investment will be worth it and will surely help you save money in the long run, especially if the […]

4 Job Opportunities with a Health Informatics Degree

The decision of beginning a health informatics program comes with the opportunity of diving into a pool of interesting jobs. Approximately 70,000 health informatics specialists are needed in the U.S. and apparently, positions are difficult to fill. However, throughout the years, health informatics has constantly gained in employment popularity. But what exactly are certain scopes […]

Foreign Exchange Mistakes Businesses Often Make

Deciding to expand a business overseas can be an exciting, yet critical time for a company. It will bring about substantial changes for the business, which could see a rapid growth in turnover and staffing levels. If it’s a new area, costly mistakes can be made if you’re not careful, especially regarding the use of […]

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