Blog Carnival

Blogging is very much in trend. It’s a great way to earn money online. Many people have successfully built their career as bloggers.

Here are brief reviews of some of the popular blogs written by top 10 bloggers for FinanceWand blog carnival.blog_carnival2

  1. David Leto presents Does Marrying Someone With Bad Credit Affect Your Credit Score posted at 50Plus Finance . In this post, he has described how marriage affects one’s credit score especially when his or her spouse boasts bad credit score.
  2. Aaron Hung presents Watch Out For These Back to School Spending Mistakes where he describes the biggest mistakes that parents often make while buying school supplies. He also describes how following some easy tips can help them significantly save on their children’s school items.
  3. Sarah presents How to Meet Any Financial Goal You Set For Yourself posted on add-vodka . Here she has mentioned how one can meet his or her financial goal successfully by simply following some easy steps.
  4. Mark Meir presents Low Spreads Are Important in Forex Trading posted on Forex Trading Methods. In this article he has shared many useful tips regarding forex trading and its different aspects. He emphasizes on how low spreads are important for trading in foreign exchange market.
  5. Catherine Alford presents Should You Carry A Balance To Establish Credit posted on Frugal Rules . She has described whether or not one should carry a balance to establish credit. She has also opposed to some popular myths regarding establishing credit.
  6. Denny Jones presents How to Avoid Medical Debt. The write-up was posted on Get Financial Freedom Tips. The writer has described how medical debts happen and how one can avoid accruing medical debt by following some systematic tips.
  7. Jonny presents his post 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Signing Up For Debt Consolidation on Knowing Debt. 5 important questions that should be considered before signing up for a debt consolidation programs have been described in that article.
  8. On Laid Trades, there is an article namely A Perfect Time For Gold where it is told how the value of gold can add value to one’s portfolio. However, as per the writer it is important for the investors must observe how the players behave in the market to ensure that they make the right decision.
  9. I read an article namely Quarterly Goals for the Last Quarter of 2014 on Little House in the Valley. I found it really interesting. The writer has shared her opinion about what should be the financial goal for the last quarter of this year. She has also shared his memorandum to let the readers get hold of some good pecuniary ideas.
  10. I have read an offbeat post Making an Impression with Plastic Business Cards on Modest Money . The writer of the post is Adam who has described each and every detail of how to make a good impression with plastic business cards.

Discussed above are some good blogs that I have read in recent time and liked very much.