Your Savings Account Will Love You If You Follow These 5 Amazing Techniques

Save Money

People are always chasing their next raise because they think it’s going to make their life better and take care of all the money problems, but it’s not and you’ll blow it all. When someone makes $3000 per month they will find a way to spend every last drop of it. That might increase to $6,000 per month, but the only thing you can guarantee is that they will find a way to spend every last cent of it too,so there is once again nothing left at the end of the month.

They don’t do this because they are forced to spend money and neither are you. Everyone does it because they have no concept of saving, most likely because they have never been taught the right way to do it. You might find the odd few people with savings, but they’re few and far between. All you need to do is learn a few techniques for putting money away each month and you’ll feel a lot more secure. You’ll even realize these won’t even change your life too much, but your new savings account will.

Lower the cost

Vegetable market in Milan, ItalyWhen you buy things you usually have a couple of choices. The first one is always the designer brand that everyone magically feels amazing in without even knowing why. Their brain associates the garment with quality because the price is high, which is pretty crazy if you think about it. Your second choice is something that is cheaper and maybe just as nice. Unless it’s falling apart you know it’s good enough to wear so buy it. This isn’t just clothes and can be used for every purchase.

Save money when you get paid

Piggy savings bank

If you have lots of money in your bank account at the end of the month you will spend it on something. It’s there and you can hear it calling your name, “Jill, spend me.” As soon as you get paid you probably separate the money you need for paying your bills. At the same time you can take some money and put it into a savings account. When the month is drawing in you might not have money in your bank, but instead of raiding your savings account you will do without.

No more credit

People will give you credit for anything these days and it’s possible to get in some deep trouble. You might want something and you need to buy it right away, but credit should be the last thing you ever do. All of those monthly bills add up and the idea should be to have the least amount of money coming out of your bank account as possible. When you need anything desperately you should do without until you have the cash because you might think you are desperate, but sleeping on the street is worse.

Food for energy

104/365 -

There is a big difference between eating food because you love the taste and eating it because it gives you the energy your body needs. There are thousands of recipes were the items on it are particularly cheap and this should be the food you are eating. You will find something you think tastes nice. Then you have meals like steak and duck which taste great, but they also come with a massive price tag. You can also cut the amount of times you eat out at restaurants in half.

Don’t carry money

Bad Credit History?

When you are walking around with a loaded wallet it’s easy to reach for it at every opportunity and you wonder why there is no money left at the end of the month. It doesn’t add up to nothing and can actually be a considerable chunk of your wages. You solve that problem by leaving your money at home because it’s not like you’ll need it in certain situations. At the very least you can carry a small amount around with you in case anything bad happens.

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Hugh Tyzack was a student at University of Oxford, and loves writing as much as a good cup of latte. He is a financial adviser who believes in long term profits rather then short term gains. You can know more about his work at MoneyQED Financial Advice here.

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