Have you ever felt like you were a bit different from everyone else? While most people have felt this way at one point or another, there are some that are simply wired totally differently from everyone else. They long for a challenge that most would say was a step too far. People like this like to play with fire and often risk their loves for an invigorating feeling of being completely alive. If this sounds familiar, there are many professions that are perfect for you.

People in these lines of work are the lifeblood that greases the wheels of global economies. Quite literally, these types of people are willing to risk their lives while on the job. A normal end to the day for most people would be to clock-out and try not to get frustrated sitting in traffic on the way home. For those with dangerous but rewarding jobs, it’s a reluctant “see you later” to their colleagues and role at work; until the next day.

Here are two dangerous jobs that are worth the risk:

oil rig

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Oil rig worker

Yes in this day and age where technology can manufacture gigantic drills that weigh many tons and have their tips covered in diamond, oil rig workers are still very much needed. These men do all the dirty and intricate jobs machines cannot do. For example who else is going to look after and maintain the equipment? The rigs are offshore meaning the only way to them is by air transport. A helicopter is the vehicle of choice to drop off and pick up oil rig workers that work mainly on tours that last several months each. They are in charge of the daily output of oil each day. Drilling far beneath the waves, the drills must be used in a precise fashion, so oil extraction is not only efficient but safe. It’s very common for workplace injuries both minor and nasty to be a part of the yearly cycle on the rigs. Puncture wounds, slashes and gashes, crushed limbs, and broken bones are suffered by many workers around the world. However if you can brave the open sea conditions, love the comradery with your fellow riggers and get used to the physically demanding work, you’ll be paid a handsome sum of $100,000 a year. Many companies ensure they provide healthcare for their workers too.

Police sergeant

A police sergeant isn’t like his fellow officers. He or she is the one calling the shots on the ground. They play the role of a supervisor but don’t let that title fool you; they’re really hands-on. Police sergeants are in charge of teams of officers that are either consigned to a task force or in charge of patrolling a beat. They first must achieve a certified police degree which teaches them the skills of asset protection, security risk assessment, the ability to investigate and handle home and business property intrusions and be adept in sophisticated human intelligence gathering. The average salary is around $70-80,000 a year with the additional option of working toward a promotion to police chief where they head over six-figures such as $110,000.

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