What to do if you’ve been injured at work

For most of us, it’s vital that we work so that we can provide for our families and children – and a workplace injury can greatly impact on this. If you suffer an injury from a serious fall, transport accident or construction site accident, to give just a few examples, you may not be able to function normally and your entire future may become uncertain.

That’s why you may be interested in knowing how to make an accident claim. Receiving compensation for your workplace injury can help to ensure your family’s financial security while you concentrate on your recovery.

Am I entitled to make a compensation claim?

Employees have often made successful compensation claims after accidents, on the basis that employers have a responsibility to protect their employees, visitors and contractors from accidents and injuries related to their work.

The employer’s responsibilities include that of providing you with the machinery, tools and safety equipment that are necessary for the carrying out of your duties. Such equipment will need to be kept in a safe condition. They must also minimise the risk of a work related accident by ensuring the continued safety and tidiness of the working environment and providing employees with training.

If you have suffered a work related accident, then you may want to contact one of the many personal injury specialists that can help you to get your life back on track. If you have been let down by your employer and caused an injury as a result, then there is compensation available that you are entitled to.

Reporting an accident

After you have suffered an injury, one of the first things that you will need to do is have the accident recorded in your employer’s accident book that is used for recording all workplace injuries and dangerous incidents.

Logging your accident in this way is important, to acknowledge the accident happened at work and as vital evidence if you decide to proceed with a personal injury claim. It will also assist your employer’s efforts to prevent any such accident re-occurring in future. Also ensure you make sure you get the medical treatment you require as soon as possible.

Act quickly to gain compensation

You have three years from the date of the accident in which to make a compensation claim, so you are advised to act quickly and seek a reputable personal injury lawyer. Employers are legally required to have insurance policies in place that allow for compensation to be paid out in the event that a successful claim is made against them.

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