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What to Consider When Buying a UK Holiday Home

Investing in propertyBuying a UK holiday home for letting purposes is very much something that needs to be done as much with the head as with the heart. For example, a property may strike you as being lovely and somewhere you would wish to spend your holidays but would it necessarily seem so to others? Of course, you cannot please all of the people all of the time but there are a few general points to think about before you start identifying target properties and thinking about holiday home mortgages.

One of the few things that people won’t debate is that this continues to be the single most important aspect when selecting a holiday let property. Almost any property which has a pleasant view whether it be coastal, river, countryside or even over a pretty village, is going to be desirable to significant numbers of people. Those properties which simply look out over onto a road or a property directly adjacent, are likely to be less appealing to many as holiday accommodation.


Whatever might be the case in Mediterranean high-density holiday locations, in the United Kingdom, most people wish to have a degree of privacy. So, properties that are overlooked or have gardens that are overlooked may prove to be something of a turn-off to many.


With today’s internet facilities and the ability to look down directly onto a location by satellite, properties that have a great view on one side but which are only 200 yards from a cement factory on the other side are going to be spotted and rejected. So, think carefully about the wider surroundings – not just an immediate picturesque view.

Many people, once past a certain age, don’t particularly enjoy the prospect of needing to rough it on holiday. So, properties that have a good bathroom, dining, and kitchen facilities may be much appreciated. That also goes for things like a washing machine and dryer.

Elderly and infirm
Things such as spiral and open staircases and may look great on an architect’s drawing board but they may prove to be exceptionally difficult for elderly or slightly infirm people. Given the aging population and the need to think broadly in terms of your target marketplace, it might be sensible to favor practicality over design ascetics.

Access and car parking
That cute village-center coastal property may look idyllic but it might not be particularly attractive to families and older visitors if the nearest car parking is half a mile away. Keep in mind that even on holiday, people may need to shop and engage in other occasional similarly mundane activities.  That won’t be much fun if the weather has turned against them and they can’t park their car anywhere near the property concerned. It can also be an issue in terms of initially dropping off suitcases and baggage etc.

Match the property with your target marketplace
Larger multi-bedroomed properties may be very attractive to families but they might be rather less interested in locations that are isolated inland and a long way from anywhere else. Young children can only sit and appreciate views for so long. That type of location might suit couples looking for a romantic getaway but then they will probably be looking for smaller and more intimate properties.

Garden areas
Many British people are hopeless optimists and they look forward every summer to the chance of having some barbecues and al fresco dining. Even if in reality these opportunities are not easy to come by, nevertheless, remember you are selling the dream. So having a reasonable garden with somewhere that you can put some furniture and a barbecue might be essential in appealing to significant numbers of potential customers.

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