Wedding Debt Relief Tips: Cut Costs Or Suffer A Royal Headache

After the passing of the royal wedding, even the most staunchly democratic couples on both sides of the pond would find it hard to ignore the ever more fantastic details and gaze longingly at the price tags final number. Hard as it may be to believe, though, for all the stories of eight hundred thousand dollar cakes and tailored formal wear worth more than the price of a London townhouse, Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton actually attempted to cut costs relative to the more ostentatious displays of past ceremonies.

Considering that Great Britain’s continuing financial woes have forced the national government to lay off nearly half a million employees and trim more than a hundred billion dollars in debt relief efforts intended to firm up the country’s Treasury bond valuations among the global marketplace, any signs of restraint are still admirable signs of social decorum and adjustment to the changing role of nobility within the twenty first century. Furthermore, since the media coverage of the wedding shall undoubtedly have significant cultural repercussions for a credit card debt ravaged generation juggling bills to avoid bankruptcy, there are lessons that should be extrapolated by any couple to maintain emphasis upon debt relief.

Use What You Have

Admittedly, not every family has free use of Westminster Abbey to be utilized without cost at their discretion, but, with the rental of halls for matrimonial ceremonies priced at such an exorbitant premium these days around most urban centers, you will want to sit down and speak to your partner about any resources that would be both acceptable and available at reduced expense. Even if there isn’t a picturesque beach house or mountain chalet unused by some great aunt or favored cousin, think about friends who specialize in photography or floral arrangements and would be happy to ease the wedding’s debt relief by performing such services free of charge.

Limit The Guests

If the future King of England could afford the social embarrassment of not sending invitations to President Obama or his nation’s past two Prime Ministers, surely you and your spouse could ignore a few college roommates or work acquaintances without undue tensions. Nothing rockets up the credit card debt balances more quickly than the exponential effect of adding more mouths for the caterers to feed, and, wedding planners will be quick to remind the hopeful couple, additional guests will only truly dilute the importance and meaning of the blessed event for the friends and family you truly want to share in the moment.

Consider The Prenup

Although William and Kate Middleton eventually decided against signing a prenuptial agreement, according to royal insiders who pointed to the Prince’s desire to maintain traditions, it’s still a good idea for any couple about to share finances to at least discuss the option, even (or, for some financial advisors, especially) if they’ve minimal assets. Since the average divorce agreement threatens to concentrate disputes on credit card debt settlement rather than the dispensation of investments or jointly purchased property, just talking over the issue allows an easy way for couples to first seriously talk about credit card debt problems that may have otherwise been brushed aside during the period of courtship.

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