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Using Net Banking or Internet Banking Services

Using Net Banking or Internet Banking Services

When people think of using net banking or internet banking services, they think of being cheated. This is a risky thing to do in our minds because we have all heard horror stories of internet fraud and scams. Many people think banking online means they’re opening themselves up to fraudulent banking.

Contradictory to popular belief, banking online is extremely safe. You can view your transactions or transfer funds at anytime 24/7 across the globe. Also, online banking has proven to be extremely time effective because it will allow you to save time on running to the bank, standing in long lines to deposit and withdraw money, etc. You can get money from someone through internet banking and then go and withdraw the money from an ATM which is so convenient. As per the results, the usage of internet banking has increased as compared to last year, because people are realizing the benefits of it and are realizing it’s a safer way to transfer.

Have a safe banking experience

Rule number one, never share your user ID or customer ID along with the password to anyone. In some cases, you may need to share with your parents or your spouse, which is fine in case of an emergency. Rule number two, you may get an email that has a link to your bank’s site. These types of links from such websites are fake, this website is designed to look exactly like your bank’s site. Lots of people click these emails and login on to the page they are directed to, but please never do this! Always type the proper link of your bank and use your personal computer for internet banking services. Using a shared computer or one at an internet cafe must never be done because of the possibility of account hacking.

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