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Unexpected Costs to Consider for Businesses in the Energy Industry

The energy industry is incredibly competitive. There is little room for start-ups and fledgling enterprises, and this means that those venturing into the arena with the market giants must be prepared for every eventuality.

Supplying energy to consumers generally involves three key facets: producing energy, transporting gas and electricity, and marketing it to consumers. This is an immensely expensive process for even the most small-scale venture, and hidden costs lay around every corner.

If you’re planning on taking your place amongst the leviathans, then here are a few costs that you need to take into account…


Energy-producing equipment tends to be extraordinarily costly, and many fledgling entrepreneurs underestimate just how much outlay will be required before any profit can be made. Generators, grids, and so on must all be put in place before you can start looking for customers, meaning that you’ll require a fully functional enterprise before you can begin touting for business. Any issues with these must be ironed out before trading commencing, as consumers tend not to be very forgiving of mistakes once winter hits and their homes need warming.

Power Stations

Power stations will constitute a fundamental part of your fledgling operation and must be carefully designed and constructed according to your individual needs and current government policy. It will take some very skilled workers to build them for you, and their expertise will come at a premium. Be careful to calculate the total of all the costs associated with construction, and then add a further 20 percent in case of complications.


Thirdly, consider the costs of hiring staff. No energy company can function in isolation, so you’ll need trained employees to deliver the service you provide, as well as to maintain and manage your power stations and equipment. Many of these will be able to charge a premium for their experience, and due to the constant developments in the industry, and the dangerous nature of working with energy supplies, they will require frequent training and retraining to deliver premier service and create a safe working environment.


Finally, don’t forget to factor in the cost of insurance. Energy production is a niche industry, and businesses tend to have a high value attached to them. Ordinary commercial insurance providers will rarely offer the level of cover that you require, so you must consider specialist outfits such as Catlin instead. Responsible for underwriting many of the world’s most expensive and successful ventures, these experts will be able to provide the level of protection that you need, meaning that the business you’ve given your all to is fully protected should disaster strike.

Safeguard the future of your energy enterprise and be prepared for whatever life may throw at you.




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