Trader.Online Forex broker review:

Nowadays, you can find Forex brokers all over the internet. Those having the desire to start trading can find a lot of brokers out there, but choosing a broker, in particular, can be real trouble for some. In this review, we will take a closer look at Trader.Online and whether this broker is worth a shot.

About Trader.Online Forex broker:

Trader.Online is the newest addition to the Forex industry. Recently established, Trader.Online is owned and managed by a company called Zolarex Ltd. The holding company is based in the Republic of the Marshall Island and their registered address is at the Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands. What’s interesting about this Forex broker is the amount of traders already using their services in such a short amount time. Are the numbers lying or is Trader.Online really that good?

Trader.Online regulations:

As mentioned Trader.Online is based in the Marshall Islands and is not regulated by any financial regulatory agency.

Trader.Online Assets:

This broker specialise in Forex/CFDs trading and offers up to 200 assets to its traders. These include Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies. View all the available assets with Trader.Online here.

Trader.Online account types:


Not everyone looking to trade the financial markets has the same needs and most definitely not the same financial resources. Trader.Online gives its traders the possibility to choose between three different account types. These are the Take-off, Booster and Uplift account. Each account has its own set of benefits but the most basic one which is the Take-off account is already a great bargain for beginners. To get started only a minimum of $250 is required. You can read more about the different account types here.

Trader.Online platforms:

This Forex broker provides two different types of platforms to its traders. They claim that these platforms were designed specifically to make Forex trading easier and we definitely had to test that for ourselves. After making a quick deposit, here’s what we found:

Trader.Online Forex platform:

Forex is their main trading platform. Even if this platform was built for traders who already have an expertise in trading, I can easily find someone with no experience at all finding their way through this platform. This sleek and straight forward design makes everything look simple and easy. The platform has all the necessary charts and tools which can be customised according to one’s own preferences. This platform also support a wide range of indicators such as bollinger bands and volume oscillators. There is more than thirty indicators to discover on this platform.

Trader.Online Simplex platform:

Simplex is the second platform provided by this Forex broker. With this one Trader.Online went one step ahead by trying to simplify trading even further. I can’t find any good reason why the absolute beginner trader won’t like this platform since with the Simplex platform traders can open and close within simple clicks. This platform also features all the necessary tools and charts required in trading.

Deposits and Withdrawals with Trader.Online:

Deposit and withdrawal is probably the second most used feature any broker provides. Deposit, therefore, had to be put to the test. Deposits were made within second and Trader.Online offers two ways to deposits, Card deposits and Wire transfers. Wire transfers normally takes four to five business days to complete and depositing by card was instant with Trader.Online. When it comes to deposits, there are no charges for the customer.

Withdrawal on the other hand takes longer than what is desired. Most traders prefer having their money as soon as their request is sent, but with Trader.Online it can take up to five business days. A commission is also charged based on the method used to withdraw money. However, this is very common in the industry and is the time-frame within which withdrawals are taken care of. With Trader.Online, we are on the safe side.

Trader.Online Support:

Support in Forex can take a trader to new heights. Just imagine getting started with Forex/CFDs trading without proper assistance. Not easy, right? At Trader.Online, they claim to be available 24/7. They are available via email on or via phone on +44 203 455 4606. Additionally, once traders deposit, they have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who accompany them until they are able to trade on their own.

Education at Trader.Online:

Trading Forex requires a basic knowledge about the industry itself and all the different components. Even though it’s easy to find everything you need to know about Forex online, Trader.Online developed its own learning academy enabling traders to find everything they need to know in one place.

Trader.Online, the verdict:

After carefully examining this Forex broker, it can be said that Trader.Online is worth a shot. They have all the features needed and provide an excellent service quality. Of course, they still have a lot to prove in this predominant Forex industry, but it looks like it is set to demarcate itself with the features it offers. Get started today, creating an account is free.

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