Top Places To Retire In The United States

Many Americans wonder where to retire in the United States, especially as acquiring proper immigration documentation associated with retiring abroad might not be totally realistic.  There are ample places for retirement in the United States that can help you live the lifestyle you want.

Below is a list of the top places for retirement in alphabetical order.

Austin, Texas

Austin has a terrific economy, warm weather, access to healthcare, and ample opportunities for volunteering or other leisure activities.  The state capital of Texas also has recently recorded low crime rates and an average cost of living.

Nearby University of Texas also offers a number of different and fun establishments that are frequently within bicycling distance of centrally located homes. Many retirees enjoy the fresh vibe and ample opportunities quirky college towns such as Austin have to offer.  The most substantial con about Austin is that the average home price is slightly above the national average.

retirementCharleston, South Carolina

Charleston arguably boasts the epitome of Southern charm.  This waterfront city boasts a warm climate and solid economy in addition to a high bicycling and walkability score.  The cost of living is about the national average, and there is a low crime rate.  Charleston might be the best fit for retirees that are interested in relaxing, gardening, and taking things easy.

Fargo, North Dakota

People that do not mind cold winters can thrive in Fargo.  Fargo is affordable, has a cost of living that is a whopping 8% below the national average, and a typical home price of about $165,000.  There are ample medical services available per capita, and there are ample opportunities for part-time or volunteer work.  In addition, Fargo is ideal for bicycling in the warmer parts of the year.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Historic Pittsburgh is within easy driving distance of all of the desirable services available on the East Coast.  Typical home prices are very affordable, and come with a price of around $130,000.  Pittsburg ranks high for walkability and bicycling scores as well as offers ample opportunities for volunteer or part-time work.  There are a high number of doctors per capita.  However, Pittsburgh residents should be prepared for cold winters and a little additional home security as crime rates are not particularly favorable in the area.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is perfect for people that enjoy a quiet place to live with access to abundant doctors and volunteer opportunities.  Salt Lake offers an outdoorsy lifestyle and above average air quality along with an absolutely terrific economy.  The cost of living is about 5% below the national average, and the typical home price is around $226,000.

Venice, Florida

Venice is the quintessential Gulf Coast retreat with a median home price of only $196,000.  There is low crime and plenty of time to enjoy the warm climate with a good book.  The State of Florida offers low taxes and ample opportunities for seniors, and the Gulf Coast offers a more affordable and quieter option than cities on the Eastern part of Florida or Miami.  Venice offers a simple, quiet, and affordable seaside retirement.

Where to Retire?

The best places for retirement cannot offer a single answer for people with different goals and lifestyles.  Look at a variety of different cities across the United States to find the best place to retire for you.

Ed Dressel is a financial planning consultant who writes on topics related to planning for retirement at Ask Trak, a financial planning software development company based in Dallas, OR.

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