Top 5 Android Apps for Stock Investments

Android has immense popularity, and that’s caused it to be used for everything from television watching to casual reading. Its use as a financial tracking tool has only become more pronounced in the last couple of years, as developers have realized that a small device with a perpetual Internet connection is useful for investments. Hundreds of stock-related apps have flooded Google Play, but here are our top five.

Stock Widget

One of the defining features of Android as an operating system is its support for widgets, so it’s only appropriate to get started with an app that focuses on widgets. Stock Widget lets users select different stocks from their portfolio, as well as other financial instruments. Once the stocks are selected, the app is set up and ready to use. Android users just need to add the widget to their home screen in order to have at-a-glance updates on their stocks. With more than five sizes of widgets available, Stock Widget will have something to suit every investor.

Yahoo Finance

Some people swear by Yahoo Finance. It’s certainly been around for a long time, so having a dedicated app on Android is welcomed by many. Like its website counterpart, the Yahoo Finance app offers the ability to log in and immediately track a portfolio. Other data from the Yahoo Finance website, such as videos and news bits, is also available. Anyone who uses Yahoo Finance on their computer needs this app, but even users of other platforms should check it out.

Charles Schwab

Schwab customers will love using their Android app. Users of the app can access their accounts and immediately view pertinent information, such as balances and portfolios. Even better, the app provides the funcitonality to trade stocks and get real-time news and quotes about different stocks. The features of the app are almost identical to the website, making it an overall solid app. The only major limitation here is that you must be a client of Schwab’s in order to use it, but most of the features would be useless to non-members anyway.

Stocks by Dato

For simple access to stock quotes and data, Stocks by Dato is a very viable option to consider. Its interface is minimalist, making it easy to switch between different screens in the app without suffering from information overload. It has support for multiple profiles, and users of Google Finance will love that it’s able to sync up with their accounts for hassle-free setup.

Stock Alert by PocketTools

Stock Alert is an app that does what its name says: Load in a few stocks that you want to keep an eye on, and the app will let you know if their price hits whatever level you designate. It’s an excellent tool for investors who like to keep an active portfolio. Overall, the app makes it much easier to take a long or short position and then act accordingly. With its white-on-black color scheme and tabbed layout, the app is stuck in 2008 in terms of design. Still, it’s a solid app that’s been around for years, and it deserves to be in every investor’s app drawer.

These apps are ready to help make a pro investor out of any novice. Between being able to read news headlines, load up charts and make trades on the go, there’s no need for anything else. Smartphones are well on their way to replacing stock brokers.

Lindsay Weir is a corporate accountant and contributor at, a site with resources and guides to the best online accounting programs.

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