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The Truth about Counterfeiting

The Truth about Counterfeiting


When most people think about the economy and commerce, whether on a local or international scale, the main issues that come to mind are things like the personal and national debt, healthcare, employment, and social security; but one huge growing issue other than those common ones that the International Chamber of Commerce faces every single year is the issue of counterfeiting. Simply put, the act of producing fake items and passing them off as genuine items for economic gain. One of the obvious items to counterfeit is money and today, hundreds of millions of dollars in counterfeit money are being seized every year, rising substantially ever since digital printing was introduced as a standard medium of publication. But the problem isn’t just money – items such as drugs, driver’s licenses, electronics, CDs & DVDs, and even clothing and shoes, are being counterfeited at alarming rates, putting countless innocent people out of their hard-earned money. Read more about the latest statistics on counterfeiting in this infographic below.

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