The Sunny Real Estate Market in South Florida

Probate_Database_real_estate_los_angeles_probateSouth Florida is prospering; it is currently experiencing a dramatic increase in the real estate market. I’ve been watching this market for many years, and South Florida consistently receives top honors in livability, desirable lifestyle, and economic growth.

The New York Times rated 30 cities in Broward County from the worst to the best: Ft. Lauderdale achieved the #1 status. ranked Miami #4 in gadget-friendly “smart homes” and #7 in “smart home” security. “Smart homes” use products and tools that provide convenient and efficient control of household functions.

Susan Rindley from Sothebys knows more about South Florida real estate than any agent I’ve ever talked to. She cites several factors responsible for the influx in real estate appreciation in South Florida.

A Stable Economy

Southern Florida’s Broward County has an unemployment rate which is significantly lower than the state and national rates of 6.1%. Broward County received $6.5 billion from public and private funds to use for community growth and improvement projects.

A Successful Financial Center

This area now provides national and international financial services. It actively supports and participates in a dominant cluster of banks, institutional investors, and companies that perform advisory services in mergers and acquisitions.

Diverse Activities

South Florida, particularly Broward County, has the foremost beautiful and relaxing beaches in the world. This area in Florida hosts exciting aquatic activities such as diving, fishing, and boating.

Art, music and culture entwine in a creative integration that myriads of people enjoy at assorted museums, exhibits, and events.


The Department of Recreation and Parks manages nearly 90 facilities. Most, if not everyone, living in or visiting this community will find an available outlet for their hobbies and interests at dog parks, athletic fields, and challenging golf courses which are playable year-round.

Football and hockey fans have the pleasure of attending professional football (NFL) and hockey (NHL) games.

Citizen Involvement

South Floridians are dissimilar in many ways. Despite their differences, they share an optimistic vision for their cities. They are united in their determination to elevate schools to the highest standards of excellence. They are committed to enriching these academic programs:

  • Technology
  • Literature
  • Art
  • Music
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Progressive and Effective City Planning

A multi-purpose recycle plan uses recycled seaweed collected from various beaches as garden mulch.

City travel is convenient, safe, quick, and affordable. Major areas in these cities and county are interconnected for the benefit of its citizens and welcome visitors. These plans include easy access to interstate roadways.

South Floridians enjoy 3,000 sunny hours a year. The pleasant temperatures promote infinite outdoor activities, enhance the diverse lifestyle of South Florida, and enrich the daily experiences of vacationers and residents. With a prospering economy and real estate market the current and future outlook for South Florida is “sunny.”

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