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The Most Lucrative Locations To Buy Real Estate

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If you’re looking for high-value real estate that’s going to make an even higher value return, here are some of the property types to look out for.

By the coast

A sea view can add a lot of value to a home – on average 66%. Properties overlooking a harbor meanwhile are worth 80% more. Coastal properties have long been in high demand, although some locations are certainly more desirable than others. When it comes to states, Florida and California remain the top places to buy.

Up in the hills

Hill and mountain views will also add a lot of value to a home. Even the slightest hill can make a property worth double what it may usually be. There are lots of homes for sale in NC with breathtaking views of the Appalachian Mountains. California, Colorado, and Iowa are other popular states for living in the hills.

Near a train station

Nearby train stations provide an easy method of commuting for those that work in the city. Due to this convenience, there’s more demand for these properties, and hence they’re valued higher. In cities, being close to an underground metro rail station can be particularly advantageous as this provides city inhabitants not only a convenient way of commuting but a convenient way of getting around. On the flip side, not being situated near a train station but backing onto a railway will devalue a property as it’s noisier.

On a curve

For whatever, properties located on a crescent seem to be more desirable and so are generally valued at 40% more. Properties are also worth more overlooking squares.

On an avenue

Avenues are traditionally roads lined with trees. To this day, properties on roads with trees running either side of them are worth more than roads without trees aligning them. These trees give off a sense of wealth to the area, even if the area isn’t actually that wealthy.

Near a school

Properties near a school are also priced higher by many realtors. If the school receives higher grades and more demand, the property pricing is also likely to be more. Some property owners have made big profits by buying into an area near an upcoming school. In some cases, a property may also be worth more if it’s on a school bus route.

On an odd number

Bizarrely, odd-numbered houses seem to sell more than their even-numbered counterparts. The reasoning for this is unclear – odd-numbered properties may feature more commonly on street corners and therefore be slightly more spacious. The only exception to the rule is ‘13’, which due to superstitious reasons can devalue a property. Worth even more are properties with names instead of numbers, giving off a more official tone with their address.

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