The guide to trading Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is the first digital currency in the world, its role as a unique financial vehicle has made it a reckoning force in the crypto market. Bitcoin is a peer to peer currency, this means that transaction is direct with no need for central authority or middlemen, with this, you can send Bitcoin to anyone in different parts of the world, all you need is a Bitcoin address and internet access. According to a financial analyst at Wilkins Finance, Bitcoin offers numerous advantages compared to the traditional money transaction methods. The most significant advantage is the low cost of receiving and sending Bitcoin as well as a secure and irreversible Bitcoin. It has also been proven to ensure privacy and security in transactions.

The currency is developing and growing stronger. Trading Bitcoin can be very profitable for those interested. The Bitcoin market is fragmented with large spreads, hence, people can profit from trading Bitcoin. Furthermore, thepopularity of Bitcoin has brought new users and investors, thus, expanding the cryptocurrency market. There are two ways to tradingBitcoin, this includes buying the cryptocurrency itself with the intention of selling it for profit or speculating the value of a Bitcoin without even owning a token, this is how CDFs and spread betting works.

While Bitcoin is a very profitable market, you have to have an ample knowledge of the rudiments of trading in order to excel and make huge profits. Losing your Bitcoin during trading can be terrible and painful, hence it is best to be careful and avoid all kinds of unnecessary risks.There are several guides to trading Bitcoin that will ensure that you profit in trading Bitcoin, these guides include:

Open an Account

If you intend to trade CDFs or spread bets, you need a trading account first, this is very easy and fast to set up. However, you do not need a Bitcoin exchange account if you only want to buy and sell Bitcoin.

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Before trading, you need to ensure that you are informed about the latest Bitcoin news in order to fully grasp the cryptocurrency price system. Through this, you will also be able to understand the factors that affect the growth of your Bitcoin. The recent trend in cryptocurrency is uncertain because of its adolescent stage; therefore, Bitcoin chart and behavior are also helpful information that can help you thrive in trading Bitcoin.


There are several trading platforms you can use your Bitcoin for; however, it is best to have a motivation or reason before entering into any trade. Start the trade only when you have a clear objective of involving in the trade and have a cutout strategy for trading.
There are several trading strategies you can employ in Bitcoin trading, these strategies have different results. So, you need to select a strategy that is favorable.Not all trading is truly profitable for traders because where some benefits, others may lose. There are traps everywhere waiting for you tomake a mistake so that you can lose your Bitcoin. Even if you want to trade daily, it is better to be patient instead of risking losing your coin.

Start Trading

After you are certain about your position and strategy, you can then place your trade. This can be done on several online trading platforms; however, you have to ensure that these platforms are credible to avoid wasting your time and Bitcoin.

Open a platform and enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to invest in a trade. You can also close your position when you notice that the market is moving against you by a particular amount. You can buy the market if you are convinced that the Bitcoin involved will rise in value and if you think it is unstable and can fall, you can also sell.


When trading Bitcoin, it is best to be careful, know when to stop trading and count your losses in order not to face huge risks. After hitting your profit target or when you are no longer interested, you should close your position. To do this, you need only to place the reverse of your real trade.

Significantly, Bitcoin is very interesting, flexible, and a profitable trade, all it requires is intelligent calculation and strategies for you to thrive in the market.