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The Game of Life

The board game, The Game of Life, Is a game where you have to make important life decisions in order to reach the final goal of “retirement” and to see where you are at when you do retire. Although it is make-believe, the game does include some real-life decisions that need to be made. Decisions like going to college or heading straight for a job. You must choose wisely as some of the jobs are only available if you’ve actually gone to college first. These particular jobs often result in higher salaries. While this is just a game, it is actually quite relevant to the actual “game” of life with a choice that we will all face in our lives. If you choose to go to college, you can open doors and increase options for employment that will be fulfilling and lucrative.

In real life, many industries look at having a college degree as being important more than ever before. An MBA degree can increase your salary by up to $30,000 annually over a bachelor’s degree in business. You can also look at the option of obtaining a UMB MBA degree online if you want to continue working while you pursue advanced education. While the schooling costs to obtain a master’s degree might seem overwhelming, the increased earning.


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