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The Festival of Frugality #321 Reviews

The Festival of Frugality #321 Reviews

In order to save enough money it is important to practice frugal living. It is always good to save some extra bucks in order to prepare for emergency situations. Frugal living has other advantages too. You will be surprised to know how many innovative ways are there to manage your finances and earn some extra bucks. Read on to know this week’s Festival of Frugality hosted by the Financewand.

Kevin presents What Are You Doing to Turn Your Discomfort into Action? Posted at Invest It Wisely. Here it he has discussed in details about how you can feel social discomfort when you are in debt and lose out on peace of mind. The article also enlightens the readers about how to find out the source of your discomfort and get over with it.

Marissa presents Learning to invest posted at Thirty Six Months . Here she discusses about how you should invest and ways in which you can make your stock investment successful. You will also get to know how you should figure out your financial situation before you venture out into investment field.

Miss T presents Finding Your Dream Job and How to Land it posted at Prairie Ecothrifter . In this post she discusses about how you can find out what your dream job is and what kind of training or skills would be required in order to pursue it. The catch to the story is that you are even provided with solution as to what you can do if you find you don’t have the required qualifications for your dream job.

LHV presents January Progress Monitoring posted at Little House in the Valley. The post is about how the author makes a number of New Year’s resolution such as driving a bike at a certain speed and also saving money and keeps them. In the end the result of the attempts are also evaluated.

Aaron presents The Golden Rules of Sales Networking posted at Aaron He provides you with a few pointers on how to expand and increase contacts in a sales job after you have established them. This is necessary to succeed in a sales job.

YFS presents 5 Financial Tips I Learned From Watching MTV’s The Jersey Shore posted at Your Finances Simplified. As the name suggests, this post is about the things you should do in order to hike up your finances and increase your income.

Kylie presents Day 1 Setting a Budget posted at Kylie Ofiu. Here she discusses in details about how you can set your budget in a manner so as to minimize your costs.

Frugal Toad presents How to Acquire Business Financing with Bad Credit posted at The Frugal Toad. Here you will get to know the ways in which you can get capital for your business even if you have bad credit. This is important as most of the times you can’t get a loan with a bad credit on your account.

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